Rufus – In Foster

Welcome Rufus 
Rufus is a 17 week old entire male.
We were contacted by the family who bred him with a cry for help. Rufus has spina bifida which was diagnosed at his 8 week check and vaccinations.
The family had noticed he didn’t walk quite as well as his brothers but hadn’t realised what the was wrong.
Realising the life long issues he may have, the family realised they couldn’t sell him and spoke to various specialist who recommended a specific bulldog rescue to ensure he got life long care and be protected under their umbrella should he need medical care in the future.
Rufus isn’t toilet trained and we suspect this will be difficult as he hasn’t got alot of control of his bladder and bowel, he will require further investigations.
His family were struggling and had health issues themselves to manage. They made the very difficult decision to gift him to us, ensuring he would get the best possible care. We know it was heartbreaking for them and we commend them for their decision.
Rufus is now in foster with Louise Toon and her family. Rufus settled and slept well last night. He is loving all his skin brothers and sisters and snuggles are his fave. Pixie, his new foster fur sister, is looking after him and ensuring he has the perfect mummy figure.
Rufus will be checked over at the vets as soon as possible and a treatment plan if needed agreed. He has been commenced on a raw diet to help his bowels and he may require hydrotherapy going forward.
Rufus will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home he will require. Please give us the time to do our assessment before any questions regarding rehoming are asked.
Welcome to GBSR UK Rufus! We cannot wait to share your journey