Theodora – In Foster

Theo is a 3 year old unspayed bitch, we were contacted by a vet to ask if we could take Theo as she had been brought in to be put to sleep by her owner. She’s apparently snapped at a child (not owner another home) but the vet didn’t feel this warranted putting to sleep, as she hadn’t bitten at all just snapped apparently.

She’s had two litters and has decided she doesn’t like other dogs in her home, so she was re-homed a couple of months ago which is where she was when she snapped. She has just came out of season and maybe was a little grumpy, who knows!

She’s in foster with Kim Newell where we will give her her second chance of happiness, we will assess her fully and spay her before we make any decisions on her home.

Welcome to Springboard Theo your journey starts here.