Archie – Sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge!

Archie came to Geordie Bullies from a family in London, who unfortunately felt that they could no longer give him the time he needed, due to them working long hours. Archie also had a problem with his tail, which is common with bulldogs called ‘Screw Tail’ and he therefore required an operation. Archie was in constant discomfort because of his tail, so he was taken in by Geordie Bullies and was fostered by Ben, a GB foster volunteer.

A week after arriving at Ben’s home Archie had his screw tail surgery and the change in his mood was clear. Archie settled in well and enjoyed his walks, even enduring the Beast from the East cold period! After a month at Ben’s house Archie went to stay with Trisha and Alan Rolls where he was tested with their other bulldogs and where he was also neutered.

Name: Archie

Age: 5 Years

Weight: 23kg

Current Location: Cardiff, Wales

Neutered: Yes 

Type of Home Required: Loving family with children. Fine with other dogs and cats. Enjoys long car travel. Needs a secure garden.

Archie’s Personality: Archie is a loving, playful and boisterous male bulldog. He has a lot of energy, loves to play and never turns down a walk. Archie has a good temperament and is good with other dogs, cats and children, he has never shown any aggression since being in foster. He is affectionate, but also likes a good wrestle; a typical bouncy male bulldog! 

Things to be Aware of: It is evident that Archie has had some training, however his recall isn’t great, so we would recommend walking him on a lead until he is familiar with your area. He also likes to mark his territory when around other animals. This is mostly when in unfamiliar surroundings and once or twice on his bed, however this is rare. When coming into foster is did have a tendency to hump, however this has calmed down since being neutered.

The Ideal Family: Everyone who has met Archie has fallen in love with him and his cheeky personality. His ideal home would be with an active family with other animals, especially other bulldogs. He would need a small garden to run around in and ideally a sun patch to catch some rays. Above all Archie needs love and company, he is a loyal companion and deserves to go to the best home.