Welcome to Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue UK

Our aim, to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs.

Helen Seymour and Clair Knox founded Geordie Bullies in 2016.

Both dedicated bulldog lover’s, noticed a distinct rise in English Bulldog’s needing help.

The charity was set up to rescue any English Bulldog in need, while using our platform to raise awareness of the hardships the breed face.

Since setting up GBSR in 2016 our growth has been exceptional, now having Foster volunteers throughout the UK.

447 dog’s and counting we will never give up, until there are no more Bulldog’s needing us!!

We cannot continue on with what we do with out the amazing support we receive from our fantastic public and the GBSR community.


Our Aim

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldog’s across the United Kingdom.  Raising awareness about poor breeding practices and the abuse’s happening on a daily basis.

We hope using our growing social media platforms, Our Facebook page with 27k followers, our Facebook Rescue group ‘Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue’ which has almost 10,000 members, our Instagram page ‘Geordie Bullies Rescue’ and our TIKTOK page, will soon have our message reaching the world around.

How we help English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are a lovely breed, full of character, love and personality. Unfortunately, there are many bulldogs around the UK whom are not being cared for in the correct way. This is for various reasons; some owners not having the time to look after their bulldog, some owners not understanding the needs of the breed and others who look to exploit the breed to use them as a commodity for financial gain.

When we are alerted to a bulldog either by way of online adverts, other rescues or the general public; we jump into action. Our team of volunteers will work together to bring the dog into the charity. Dogs are generally gifted to the charity by the previous owner or by another charity. The bulldog will then be assigned to a foster, whom will be called at short notice to foster.

Our network of volunteers will transport the bulldog to the foster home. Once there, the dog will be spayed/neutered, wormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. A full temperament test will be carried out to assess the bulldog and decide what type of home would suit it best. Once this has all been completed it’s on to the next process of getting our babies their forever home.

The Role of the Fosterers

Geordie Bullies fosters are a vital part of the charity, as they will take a dog into their home at short notice to take care of him or her temporarily. Our dogs are matched with fosters based upon what information we already know about the dog, such as whether they are good with children and other dogs.

Once in foster, the fosterer will assess the dog over a period of time, usually 1 – 2 months, and a profile will be put together of what the perfect forever home might look like for the dog. Each dog is different, so this assessment period is vital to ensure dogs are matched with the correct home first time.

All dogs taken in by Geordie Bullies are neutered or spayed whilst in foster. Unfortunately, unethical breeding is a major problem in the UK, and this ensures that dogs don’t go back onto the breeding market. Whilst in foster this is also the time to address any health issues and as well as having regular visits to the vet.

As a charity we cannot do what we do without our dedicated foster families, we treasure them all and the hard work they put in for all our dogs!

The emotional investment we and our volunteers put into these babies the moment they are in our care can weigh deeply on us, but we know no other way to be. We will keep going until there are no more Bulldog’s needing us and we will keep a piece of each dog that comes through our charity in our hearts forever.

The Forever Home!

From the moment a dog is in our care, we tell their story. We use our social media platforms to allow the public to follow each journey and fall in love with our dog’s as much as we do.

Once our bulldogs in foster have been fully assessed and treated for any health conditions, we will then begin to look for their forever home. Our dogs are posted on our social media platforms, Our Facebook page with 27k followers, our Facebook Rescue group ‘Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue’ which has almost 10,000 members, our Instagram page ‘Geordie Bullies Rescue’ and our TIKTOK page. Our followers can see each dog’s journey and our fosters post regular updates of their time together. This gives people a chance to communicate with the fosterers, as well as asking questions about the bulldogs.

Anyone wishing to adopt a bulldog must complete an application form and will be subject to a home-check. Home-checks are a vital part of the process, as it’s where one of our volunteers will get to meet the potential family and check it is the right home for the dog. The only reason we do what we do is for the dog, our aim is to get them into the home right for them.

Once sure this is the right home, an agreement is signed to protect the dogs’ future wellbeing. Adoptions are subject to a re-homing fee and our fees are on a sliding scale by age from young to old. This goes back to the charity fund to help other dogs. All of our dogs have a back-up for life policy, should the home not be suitable, or an unfortunate event meant they couldn’t stay. In these cases, dogs must be returned to the charity to allow us to keep them safe and secure for the rest of their life.

The final stage is to arrange transport through our volunteer network to get our dogs to their forever home. Once complete, another Geordie Bully has successfully found a forever home!

We cannot stress enough that our decisions are only based on what is best for the individual dog. You may have applied, and passed a home check, you may be a 99% perfect fit but aren’t successful because another potential adopter is a 100% the perfect fit. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a 110% fit for another of our dogs. Please don’t ever give up or be disheartened. If you love this breed as we all do, your forever Bulldog will come.

Geordie Bullies Events and Fundraising

As you can imagine, running costs of the charity are high and we are proud that we never skimp on care needed for our dogs. It is vital that all dogs get the best possible care whilst with Geordie Bullies and as bulldog lovers we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our dedicated volunteers, organise stalls at local events. And our Bulldog walks are going from strength to strength with new locations added regularly, building our very own GBSR community.

We have added a GBSR auction page as a fun way for people to get involved by either bidding on items or donating. And we hold regular competitions with amazing prizes.

We will continue to do whatever is needed in order to maintain these high standards.

We cannot continue on with what we do with out the amazing support we receive from our fantastic public and the GBSR community. The generosity shown to us and our dog’s continually blow us away. From donating towards a dog’s astronomical vet bill’s, buying gifts for new fosters who come into our care with nothing, attending fundraising events and walks, donations to our auction and for competitions.


Get in Touch!

If you would like to know more about Geordie Bullies or would like to join our group on Facebook, then please feel free to get in touch via the contact page. We are enthusiastic about anything bulldog related, so would love to hear from you!