Every member of Geordie Bullies works for the charity on a voluntary basis. This driven by the passion to help English bulldogs and for the love of the breed. We are always looking for volunteers to help us and we have a number of important volunteer positions listed below.

Temporary Fosterers

We are always looking for temporary fosterers to look after dogs when they are taken in by the charity. Often the charity needs to act quick when rescuing dogs, so fosterers need to be ready to take dogs in at short notice. You will be given support whilst dogs are in your care and all expenses and vet bills will be paid for.

We look for a range of different homes and dogs will be matched based on their circumstances and suitability to your home. This includes factors such as whether you have children, other pets, other bulldogs, your working hours and size of your family, to name a few.

Fostering is an extremely rewarding role and is very important to the charity. It is also emotionally taxing as some dogs do not arrive in the best condition. However, the satisfaction gained nursing a dog back to full fitness is second to none and you will see the true resilience of the bulldog breed.

Volunteers for Road Trains

Another important role of the charity; road trains are put in place to transport dogs to their fosterers or to their forever homes. As we need to ensure that our dogs’ go to the perfect homes, sometimes the distances can be far. Volunteers on road trains are given a leg of the journey to help transport the dog.

Volunteers who help with road trains need to be reliable and punctual, as any delays can see the whole chain break down and means that other volunteers have to wait. This also causes additional distress for the dogs and it is important that their travel time is kept to a minimum.

Fund Raisers

Geordie Bullies cover all costs when a dog is in foster and will never skimp of the quality of care needed to get the bulldog back to full health. All of this however comes at a price and vet bills can mount up, as can travel and living costs, therefore the charity has to be proactive in raising funds.

There are a range of ways which you can help raise funds for the charity. These can include events and walking groups, social media promotion of the charity or contacting companies for sponsorship. This is an important role and means that we can keep providing the best care for our dogs.

The Home-check for Volunteers

It is extremely important that anyone coming into the charity as a volunteer or who is looking to adopt a dog, has the right living circumstances. All volunteers must go through a home-check and this is an important part of the process. As a volunteer you can also carry out home-checks for other potential volunteers.

When a home-check is carried out, the Geordie Bullies volunteer will discuss all of the roles with you and also check that you home is suitable for fostering and adoption. Things they look out for are whether you have an enclosed garden, enough space for a bulldog and your working and family conditions.

All of our volunteers are friendly and kind and purely have the bulldogs’ interests at heart. If there are any areas which need to be addressed before you become a volunteer, then the home-check volunteer will be open and honest with you and can make suggestions. The process is very friendly and constructive.

Get in Touch!

If you would like to become a volunteer please click here to complete our volunteer signup form. If you have any questions about volunteering please feel free to contact us via the contact page. We are always interested to talk to other bulldog lovers and are excited to hear from potential new volunteers.