We have a series of Facebook groups used to communicate with our members and volunteers. These are listed below, feel free to click the link to join the group you are interested in.

Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue

Welcome to Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue. Here you will see our Bulldogs looking for their forever homes. Those in foster and those already adopted. We are a registered charity with foster homes throughout the UK. All of our bulldogs are medically assessed and treatment given accordingly.

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SprinGBoard Central

The aims of our group is to share our love of Bulldogs, to ask advice, share your own bullies and support our Charity Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard. You are welcome to share your thoughts, experiences ask or answer questions and give advice on our group.

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Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue Auction Site

The purpose of the Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Auction Site is to raise funds to help us rescue bulldogs from all situations. This might involve a purchase, vets fees, transport, food costs or any other reasonable expense. All funds raised will be used exclusively for this purpose and there will be no financial gain from any person whatsoever.

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Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue Resources

Welcome to New Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Resources in support of New Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard a great place to Offer Goods and Services to Bully Lovers like us, and of course raise some funds for this wonderful charity!

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Geordie Bullies SprinGBoard Rescue Merchandise

Helping our Bulldogs in need! A lovely range of merchandise specially chosen for the discerning animal lover.

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Bulldog Walking Groups

We are also run a number of English Bulldog walking group around the UK. To join the Facebook group for a walk near you, click the links below.
•  North East GBRS Bulldog Walk Page
•  North West Walking Group
•  North East Walking Group
•  Northamptonshire Walking Group
•  North Derby Walking Group
•  Black Country Walking Group
•  London SE Walking Group
•  Bosworth Bulldog Walking Group