Billy – Now Adopted!

Our very handsome Billy has found his way home.

Billy was collected yesterday by his very excited new slaves Cathy and Chris who absolutely adore their new boy!!

Billy has wasted no time making himself at home and he has also gained a new fur brother Reg!

The family are taking introductions slowly but we’re sure these boys will be as thick and thieves in no time.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Wanda for a very successful foster. You have done a fantastic job preparing Billy for his forever home!

So will you all please join us in congratulating Cathy, Chris, Reg and Billy. We wish you all many happy years together.

To Billy, enjoy your happy ever after handsome, be a good boy, you can now go and live your best life!!

Previous adoption statement below,

Dogs name:



1 years old

Current location:

Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset.



Dog savvy 10+.




Yes, laid-back & playful dogs.



Billy is a playful boy with puppy energy; he loves to play and will seek you out with his toys for his favourite game of fetch.

Billy is so bright with an incredibly inquisitive nature and stubborn side to match.

Billy adores his humans and loves a full body cuddle and a good bum scratch.


Billy is a young male reaching maturity so will push boundaries, but he hasn’t a bad bone in his body and is eager to learn, especially if a treat is involved.

Billy loves his toys and will search high and low for his favourite ones; he doesn’t mind a bit of climbing or a good jump. Billy doesn’t like to give up his toys and can guard them from other dogs.

Billy came to GBSR emaciated he has thrived in foster, but food can still be an issue and he will pinch if the opportunity arises. This is easily managed and continues to improve.

Billy is very eager to experience the world and will try to take himself off for an explore. 


Billy needs an active family environment, with a family who have the time to give him and continue training to reach his full potential.

A home where doors are easily gated to prevent him going on a wander.

A garden is a must for Billy as he loves to sit in the sun and is happy to spend time in the garden basking. 

Billy will benefit from a playful but laid-back dog in the home, one with no resource guarding behaviours.


Billy loves his walks; walks are another thing that appears to be new for him, so he still has much to learn.

Billy walks both alone and as a pack, he walks better with a routine and one on one as he can pull when in a pack but is responding well to training using treats/clicker. 

When seeing other dogs, children etc and Billy can get excited and pull, jump, lunge towards them.

Billy hasn’t a malicious bone in his body, this is over stimulation and will continue to improve as he continues to socialize, and his training continues.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Billy is a good boy.

Can be left:

Billy will settle himself down or play with his toys happily, he can be left for up to 4 hours.


Billy loves a car ride, he will settle on the back seat or boot, he can chew his lead or harness so this is something that will need to be monitored. Because of this we will accept applications up to 4 hours away from Billy’s current location.

We recommend using a seatbelt harness or travel crate whenever transporting dogs.

Things to be aware of:

Billy has had his nares widened to help his breathing. His nasal passages were extremely tight.

Billy may need BOAS surgery in the future, but with the right diet and exercise this can be controlled. Any possible BOAS surgery costs would be the responsibility of his adopted family.

Billy has a lot to learn and needs a family with experience that are willing to put in the time and effort he deserves.

Sometimes Billy is excited to play but doesn’t realise his size, any young children in the home must be supervised, as he has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Billy came to GBSR a broken little soul, it’s been an absolute joy watching him bloom into the wonderful boy he is now. Billy has the most incredible potential and all he needs is the right family ready to give him the time he needs. Every moment spent training him, will come back to you with memories full of love and joy that this beautiful boy brings with him.

A little of Billy’s story below,

Last week we were alerted to a very skinny little Bulldog who was abandoned and had found his way into a holding kennels.

He has clearly been neglected and starved so we quickly organised a foster to take him and on Saturday, Wanda Kew collected him for us.

This boy had no name, his microchip is not registered anywhere, he has no DOB, no family and clearly no love in his sad little life, this is just how insignificant he is / was to the person that has neglected him, just how do people live with themselves?

On arrival at Wanda’s house in the South West, Billy was a little bit anxious but bowed down to play with resident EB Winnie, which was so sweet considering what he has endured, he clearly has a lovely soul.

Wanda, let him mooch about at his own pace and bless his heart, he found a patch of sunshine to bath in, in the garden. He probably hasn’t seen the sunshine during his time in the kennels and it must have felt wonderful.

BUT all is not well with Billy and this morning he had the 1st appointment with our vet because his breathing isn’t just bad, its dreadful. He rattles and wheezes terribly.

He has a very poor body score and is extremely congested, so he has started a course of antibiotics today to try and give him some relief.

How long he has had this infection for, we just don’t know but he is a people pleaser and its unforgivable that someone has left this sweet boy in this condition.

We are fundraising for Billy, he literally has nothing to his name and he will likely need further intervention for his chest infection and he will need to be neutered as well as getting him on a decent diet.

Please consider helping Billy on his

Springboard Journey, as we always say, there is no judgment on amounts because even £1 will help him get what he needs and quite frankly deserves.

Billy will now be in assessment so please do not apply for him yet.

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