Bronson – In foster – Yorkshire & Humberside

Heart Breaking Post

Please welcome the very chunky but ever so handsome Bronson to our GBSR family.

Bronson is a almost 3year old entire male, with very sore unmentionables (we will spare you the photo)

Earlier this week we were contacted by a 3rd party making us aware of Bronson coming to the end of his 7day hold in council kennels.

But being in kennels wasn’t what made us save him and bring him into our family, his story is utterly heart-breaking and will make you beyond angry.

This poor boy was taken to the dogs’ trust where his family tried to abandon him. However, they were seen and told they were welcome to go onto the waiting list, but they had to take him home. I imagine not very happily they took Bronson back into the car and drove away.

Less than a few hours later Leeds dog wardens were alerted to a dog tied up to a fence and abandoned on the A63.

Yes, they were that cruel, with no love in their heart’s for this gentle giant.

People watched them do this to him, and they reported them. He deserves so much better than to be thrown away like yesterday’s rubbish. Anything could have happened to him.

A huge thank you to whoever reported them, and made sure Bronson was taken safely away from whatever horrors were before him.

As you can imagine it became a race against time for us, we needed to get him out of kennels and safe in a foster home. As sadly we know that being left in kennels too long, with little hope only leads to one place.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our amazing volunteers Sharon & Dave Lidster who yet again came to the aid of one of our precious kennel babies.

Sharon & Dave are non-fosters, but they took this boy into their home for a few days while his foster family prepared for him. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you both.

A warm welcome to your first foster journey with us Johnny Nash!!

Thank you so much for opening your heart and your home to this poor boy.

Johnny has had Bronson to our vet today as we had some concerns about his gentleman’s area. His skin and paws aren’t in the best condition and Bronson weighs a massive 31.5kg. But Johnny is ready to roll up his sleeves and give this beautiful boy the TLC that he so desperately needs.

Bronson has so far settled really well and has even started to play with Johnny’s Frenchie.

We can’t wait to watch this boy thrive and come to life.

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