Charlie – In foster -Yorkshire

Please welcome the very cheeky Charlie to our GBSR family!!

Charlie is a 3year old entire male and what a handsome 1 at that.

We were contacted by a lady that had taken Charlie as temporary situation until the owner could take him back. But that situation turned into a more permanent one. Sadly her circumstances changed and she didn’t have the time nor the space for poor Charlie after moving into a caravan.
Charlie has terrible cherry eye and what looks to be eye ulcers possibly in both eyes. His claws are overgrown and he has interdigital cysts on at least 2 of his paws. And needed a good bath after living on a dusty site.

Huge thank you to Kirsty and Paul Johnson for collecting Charlie so quickly.
Charlie is in foster in Yorkshire and has settled in so fantasticly (although we aren’t so sure the cats agree)
What a happy boy he is, he jumped straight onto his FDs lap in the car and they became besties instantly.
Charlie has had a visit from Aunty Charlotte who has thoroughly spoiled him and Uncle Billy who came to play.

He will be going to our vets ASAP so we can get on top of his eyes quickly. Hopefully with quick intervention we can get him back to full eye health.
And we are sure with a few good soaks in some Epsom salts his paws will be feeling better soon too.
We are so excited to be apart of your journey Charlie and can’t wait to watch your adventures unfold

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