Dave -Now Adopted!

Somethings are really a hard pill to swallow in rescue. This is one such situation. It is often where criticism can be made but in all truthfulness behind the scenes decisions are difficult and every option is explored and tried before the final option is taken.

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to announce that last night after discussions with vet and trainer it was decided that the kindest option was to put Dave to sleep.

Dave was gifted to us after being rescued by a family. His start in life prior to this home was poor. He hadn’t been properly socialised from a very young age and not walked. He had therefore had no rules and boundaries and his behaviour was unpredictable and often dangerous.

We picked this up very early and we sent him to our trainer to be worked with and to see if this behaviour could be broken. It was very apparent with time this was not possible. The trainer tried every method to help Dave but it was too late. Dave was too broken by the humans who were meant to love him most. He was obviously tormented by his past life.

Dave we are so sorry that we couldn’t help you to move on from your past life and it seemed the only thing that we could do collectively for you was free you.

Rest in peace gorgeous boy … run free at rainbow bridge

Dave was gifted to the charity as his owner had family issues. Dave arrived in pretty poor shape with some nasty skin problems and issues with both eyes. Dave has now been neutered and micro-chipped.

Name: Dave

Age: 21 Months

Weight: Approx 28kg

Current Location: Liverpool

Neutered: Yes

Type of Home Required: Dave will require an experienced dog owner who is used to large, boisterous dogs. He will need a secure garden and someone who is prepared to continue his training.

Dave’s Personality: Dave is a real character! He is a typical young, male bulldog, headstrong and wilful but he is also very loving. Since being with his foster family Dave has settled down a lot but he is still an ongoing project.

Things to be Aware of: Dave’s foster family have worked tremendously hard with his ongoing skin issues which are currently not resolved, when Dave is ready for adoption this is something that will need to be monitored. He may require ongoing treatment and/or a special diet to help him with this.

Dave is possessive over toys, he hasn’t learnt to share yet so for this reason he would not be suitable for a home with young children. Following a successful meeting he may be able to be homed with older children of 13 years +.

Dave’s recall is not good at the moment so he would need to continue training for this and he would need a home where he can have regular lead walking.

The Ideal Family: Dave is still currently being assessed by his foster family but it is expected that Dave would thrive in a home with adults only or a home with older teenagers where his owners would enjoy continuing his training.