Delilah – Now Adopted!

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that our beautiful Delilah is home and she hasn’t had to move

Don’t you just love a failed foster!!

Delilah came into foster back in February only 8 weeks post TPLO surgery,

It soon became clear that all was not well with her back leg and our vet suggested that she needed further CCL surgery to repair a ligament.

This surgery came with a lengthy recovery period and as Delilah had settled so beautifully with her foster family who absolutely adore her, we thought it was in Delilah’s best interest to stay where she was.

Delilah still has a lot of recovering to do but she is in the best place to do it.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Joanne and her family. Nursing any dog through two surgeries is a huge commitment and not a decision taken on lightly. You have always treated Delilah as one on the family and no amount of thank you’s will be enough!

So will you all please join us in thanking Joanne and then congratulating her and her family on their beautiful girl. We wish you many years of happiness together.

To Delilah, enjoy your happy ever after sweetheart

A little of Delilah’s story below,

Please give a warm welcome to Dede to our GBSR family.

Dede is a 3year old, spayed female, who comes to us after having an altercation with one of the chihuahuas in the home.

This altercation was not witnessed by anyone, but the family felt that because the chihuahua required extensive vet care that they would either had Delilah rehomed or PTS.

We couldn’t allow that to happen when nobody knew the circumstances or possible cause, and nobody can say that it was in fact Dede that was the aggressor.

Especially as the family believed this was completely out of character for her.

Dede has recently had TPLO surgery and is only 8 weeks into her recovery. So, we will continue to support her as she heals.

Dede is in foster with Joanne Ball and the lovely Bailey in the South East, thank you for acting quickly in collecting her.

Welcome to your first foster journey with us Joanne, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Dede is proving to be a sweet little lady and is settling well with Joanne and Bailey the bulldog.

Welcome to the start of your happily ever after journey Dede we can’t wait to see your story unfold.

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