Dodger – Now Adopted!

We have some more wonderful news to share with you!

Dodger has found his happy ever after!!

Dodger was collected yesterday by his new slaves Sophy and Gerado and has wasted no time at all making himself right at home.

Dodger has a new brother Lolo to play with and they are getting on so well already.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Lynsey and her family for opening their heart and home to the gorgeous Dodger.

You have done a fantastic job preparing him for his new home and we will be forever grateful for all you have done for him!!

So will you all please join us in congratulating Sophy and Gerado on their gorgeous new boy.

We all wish you many years of happiness and making memories together.

Dogs name:



1 years old.

Current location:

Romsley, Birmingham.



Yes, Dog savvy children.




Yes, laid-back and playful dogs.



Dodger has the most incredible nature; he is the happiest little boy with such a playful charisma.

Dodger adores all human contact from baths to cuddles as long as he is getting a fuss.

Dodger is the epitome of family dog!


Dodger is a submissive young boy and very responsive when being told by another dog.

He adores playing with children but can forget to use his brakes and can knock them over.

He is still a young boy and will need boundaries in place as he matures, he loves a good game of bulldog bitey face, but doesn’t initiate rough play with his humans.

Dodger is wary of the vacuum but is getting used to it.

He will jump if hears suffer loud noise, but with reassurance he is fine.


Dodger needs an active family home, one where he is kept involved in everything that is daily family life.

Doger will benefit massively from another dog in the home, to guide him and keep him company when his humans are away.

A garden is a must for this boy, he has the most epic zoomies and loves to be outdoors playing.


Dodger loves his walks he is keen and enthusiastic to get to dogs and people. He will pull in their direction, can be a bit much for other dogs, but this is purely excitement.

Doger walks very well with the resident dog, if off lead he will follow the resident dogs lead and comes back when called, doesn’t wander far and checks regularly to see you are still with him, but this has only been done in a controlled environment with no distractions.

Toilet trained:

Dodger is a very good boy, coming from kennels he doesn’t understand to alert you if he needs the bathroom, he will however go sit by the door.

If the door is left open, he will take himself out when needed.

Dodger may wet his bed initially, but this will soon stop as he settles.

Can be left:

Dodger will happily settle himself in his crate while his humans are away, it is preferable that he has a crate in his new home to continue his routine as he settles.

Dodger can be left for up to 4 hours at a time.


Doger can be highly anxious when traveling, he relaxes better when in a travel crate it helps him feel secure. We would ask that this is how he is collected when adopted.

We will accept applications of up to 1-2 hours from his current location, but you must be prepared to stop regularly to give him plenty of rest stops.

Things to be aware of:

Dodger has had bilateral cherry eye repair; the glands have been anchored to the cartilage.

Sometimes Dodger is excited to play but doesn’t remember to stop, any young children in the home must be supervised, as Dodger has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Dodger is an amazing well-rounded bulldog that will suit a young active family perfectly. This boy has stolen every heart of those who have met him and shows exactly why we love this breed so much. If you are looking for that dog that will be apart of every important family memory Dodger is your boy!!


A little of Dodger’s story below,

**Long Post**

Well, 2024 is definitely the year that just keeps giving!

Please welcome Dodger!!

There has been a dramatic rise in strays over the recent months, we’ve never known any thing like this. Too many poor babies finding themselves discarded and left to fend for themselves.

In the bustling streets, two souls wandered, lost and alone, until fate led them to the loving arms of our GBSR family. Artie, and Dodger both suffering with terrible cherry eyes and eye infections, very dirty, grubby and smelly.

As their time in the pound dwindled, Rescue Me Animal sanctuary reached out to us for help. We knew we couldn’t turn away. With eyes that spoke volumes, we knew we had to offer Artie and Dodger a lifeline, names given, and hope restored.

Yet, their stories highlight a growing concern—the rise of strays, abandoned and unwanted dogs and the failing microchip system. These chips, meant to be beacons leading back to loving homes, remain empty of information, leaving many furry friends unclaimed.

It also means people are getting away with neglecting or abusing their dogs and throwing them away when they are done with them.

The important part now is these boys are safe in their foster homes and ready to start their journeys to their happily ever after.

Welcome to Sharon and Darren and Lynsey and her family to their first foster journey’s, they welcomed Artie and Dodger to their foster families yesterday morning.

Sharon and Darren have the honour of fostering Artie in the midlands, and he has started to settle very well. Showing himself to be such an affectionate little boy.

Lynsey and her family have the honour of fostering Dodger in the midlands, Dodger is doing very well and enjoying lots of walks to slowly introduce him to Geoffrey his foster fur bro that isn’t too sure about sharing his home. But both boys are doing well.

Artie and Dodger will be seeing our vets during the week where we can get these infections cleared up and get them the surgeries they need to fix their poor eyes.

The boys came with nothing and will be needing surgeries to fix their eyes. We don’t know these poor boy’s stories, and we can only hope that with their soft and gentle natures they were once very much loved pets. We may never know their past, but we will make sure that their future is full of love, safety and only the best of anything they need.

Please will you help Artie and Dodger with a donation small or large, it all helps, and these young boys deserve to start their new life with everything they may need!



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Artie and Dodger its now your turn to find happiness boys, you will never be discarded again, your new life starts here with your Springboard family!!

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