Duchess – Sadly crossed the rainbow bridge!


We are truly heartbroken to announce the sudden loss of Duchess.

Duchess was not just any foster for her foster family but they had chosen to become her forever family.

Duchess had already been abandoned and used, that they couldn’t bear the thought of her losing another family.

She was cherished and adored the moment she arrived in their home, and her passing leaves a void that can not be easily filled.

In those early hours of the morning, as Duchess struggled with her breathing, her foster family did everything they could to provide comfort and support. The car ride to the vet was undoubtedly filled with anxiety and heartache, hoping against hope that she would pull through. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, life takes its own course, and we have to say goodbye.

Duchess’s memory will live on, not just in the pain of her loss but also in the love and joy she brought during her time with us.

From her Foster Family:

We will cherish the moments we had with Duchess. She was so sweet and affectionate from the moment we met her. She felt like she belonged. We may not have gotten to have with us for too long, but we will love her forever.

May Duchess rest in peace, free from pain and suffering. And may you find solace in the memories you shared, knowing that she was loved deeply and will always hold a special place in our heart.

A little of Duchess’s story below,

Please can someone tell us what is going on in this country, we have never known so many dogs abandoned to the streets like we are seeing right now!!!

This poor little girl is another abandoned to the streets, with nobody to keep her safe.

Her owners had their fill by the looks of her teats earned probably thousands from her puppies and threw her away.

Thankfully someone found her and took her to local council kennels, so she was at least safe from harm, no name, no contact details, nothing saved on her microchip. Nobody to take responsibility for the condition she is in.

When we were contacted for help, there was no way we could turn her away.

A huge thank you to Paula and Mark you aided getting this little girl to our foster in the North East.

So, this is where we start from scratch and work to figure out just what she needs from us and the first thing she needs is a new name.

So welcome to a family who will never leave you Duchess.

Duchess needed a name to fit the life we so desperately want for her, safe, adored and wanting for nothing.

Duchess is in foster with Emma, Daniel and their family in the North East and so far so good, she had a very settled 1st night and has spent the day relaxing by Emma’s feet while she worked.

Now sadly Duchess is also going to be our poster girl for why we don’t cut out tear ducts when our dogs have cherry eye. She is only 3years old and the condition of her eyes are in is horrendous. God knows how long her dry eye has gone untreated; from the cloudiness and the green puss of her eyes, we aren’t sure it ever has been. Duchess has also had Entropian surgery on both eyes top and bottom leaving her with drooping eyes.

We have started treatment straight away to get rid of the infection, she has been an absolute angel allowing Emma to do whatever she needs to care for her.

Duchess has muscle wastage in her back legs that we will work on building slowly, interdigital cysts between her front toes. Dirty nose rope and ears and well the smell isn’t fitting of a lady of her stature.

This gentle little girl is shy and timid, terrified of a raised voice or loud noises. She hasn’t eaten much but that is to be expected after all the change and everything she has been through.

Duchess has taken a quite the shine to her FD and FB Ollie, and she does like Ozzy the resident bulldog just a teeny bit too much and he doesn’t appreciate the humping.

So here is where her story begins and we get to be a part of where the journey takes her.

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