Fergie – Now Adopted!

We were asked by another Rescue to help this little lady as her owners couldn’t cope, so we collected her in less than 24 hours. On collection we have a 8 year old entire girl that is full of milk, she’s skinny, her tummy is lumpy, her backend is swollen, she has yellow discharge and she’s scared stiff.

Apparently she’s been living in the shed sleeping with the rabbit because she wees in the house????
My heart has broken along with her foster Daddy Alan Pound Rolls who had driven around 10 hours this week collecting dogs for us, you are worth your weight in gold, ♥️ Alan thank you so much.

She’s booked in to see our vet in the morning but for tonight she’s cuddled up nice and warm with all the love in the world from the Rolls family. Welcome to GB Fergie, you are safe.