Gucci – Now Adopted!

We are over the moon to announce that the beautiful Gucci is home and she hasn’t had to move again!

Gucci has been in foster with Susie, her son Roy and GBSR Minnie (was Chyna)

Susie fell head over heels for Gucci’s charms and she had settled so well with Minnie , so when she asked if Gucci could stay forever it was a very easy yes from us.

So will you all please join us in congratulating Susie, Roy and Minnie on their beautiful new girl. We wish you many years of happiness together.

To Gucci, enjoy your happy ever after sweet girl, you really have landed on your little paws. we look forward to all your updates and all the amazing adventures you are going to go on!!

A little of Gucci’s story below,

Please welcome the very sad Gucci to our GBSR family!!

We were contacted by Friends of Birkenhead Kennels earlier in the week for help.

Poor Gucci is yet another dog abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves. Thrown away with nobody to care for them, and no hope of being protected from the world around her.

It’s no wonder she has such a sad little face, poor Gucci is filthy, emaciated, has cherry eye and an eye infection and her skin is in awful condition.

The important thing is she is now safe n the arms of GBSR a family that will never let her down.

A huge thank you to Trish Plaister and Mandy Carpenter for collecting Gucci and road training her to her foster mum Susie Woodward.

Welcome Susie to your first foster journey with us and taking in our little girl.

Gucci is in foster with Susie and our very own Minnie (was Chyna) in the South West.

Gucci is settling well, and Minnie is being a great big foster sister. She has been to the vet today, so we are getting her started on treatments straight away.

Your days of feeling scared and alone are over Gucci, we can’t wait to see you bloom and thrive into the happy little girl we can see behind those sad eyes.

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