Kev – Now Adopted

Welcome Kev

Kev is a 15 week old little boy who was a very sad owner hand in. The owner noted Kev appeared to be having issues with his back legs which started about 3 weeks ago. Sadly this has deteriorated and Kev appeared to be struggling more and is in pain. They had been to the vets with him but sadly they couldn’t offer a diagnosis and the owner felt they didn’t have the experience and finance’s to deal with Kev’s issues and the best thing all around would be to gift him to us so we could do our very best for him.

Kev is in foster with our lovely Megan-Louise Hunt, Jamie Hunt and their girls. Today he visited our vet to have X-rays and to try to understand further what is wrong . This evening the vet has spoken with us and we have a diagnosis of hemivertabrae, which is a malformation of the spine which is giving him neurological problems, his back legs aren’t working correctly and he’s unstable and wobbly on his legs. Kev has been given some pain relief to ensure he is kept comfortable and to help with the level of pain he has .

Our vets have agreed he will need a MRI Scan and then probable surgery which will decompress the spine and hopefully improve his condition. It’s risky but what can we do? we have to help him .

All of this will sadly not come cheap and for all his treatment we are possibly looking between £5000/£7000.

As you can appreciate as a charity this is a enormous amount of money to find to get him the medical care he desperately needs .
We don’t normally ask but we will need help to get these funds together especially as we have so many others with big operations coming up . So please if you can donate a little , or have something to put on our auction or buy a lucky number or just share his post in the hope that others will see and help him , we would be eternally grateful .

So here it is little Kev, your GBSR journey starts right here  xx