Lottie – Now Adopted!

We have some wonderful news…. Lottie Little Legs has gone home!!

Lottie is the 2nd of our Appledown 5 to find her happy ever after, after being found abandoned and unwanted.

Lotties new slave, Jordan collected her on Monday, and it was love at first sight!!

She has been exploring her new home (beach, workplace & woods) and slowly getting to know her new BFF, GBSR #Josie (now Rosie) and playmate Boris the Pug!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Lottie’s fabulous foster mum Helen and her family for taking such good care of her and preparing Lottie for her forever home.

We will be forever thankful to you!!

So please join us in congratulating Jordan on his beautiful new girl. We hope you have lots of happy years and make lots of wonderful memories together!!

Previous adoption statement below,

Dogs name:



2 years old.

Current location:

Bletchley, Milton Keynes.



Yes, dog savvy

Cats: untested


Yes, calm and laid-back dogs.



Lottie is extremely affectionate with her humans and dogs in the home and will seek comfort and attention from them.

Lottie may start out a little anxious but as soon as she feels settled you will see that she is a young, playful and energetic girl with so much to give to her family.

Lottie is eager to please and so ready to learn, she has absolutely thrived in foster.


She can be anxious and will seek reassurance from her humans and other dogs.

Lottie loves to play fetch and with a good chew toy and will share the other dogs’ toys (even if they were playing with them at the time).

Lottie does have separation anxiety; this will improve over time and with the company of another dog.


Lottie is a well-rounded little girl and will suit the majority of home and family environments.

Lottie needs someone home with her or able to take her with them.

Lottie does need another dog in the home, to keep her company and give her the reassurance she needs.

A garden is a must for her to play and enjoy.


Lottie loves long walks; she has come on wonderfully while in foster learning to walk well on the lead. We would recommend her training continue with her new family.

She walks well in company and enjoys meeting new dogs and people whilst out and enjoys exploring her environment.

Toilet trained:

Lottie is a good girl; she will need a toileting routine while she settles.

Can be left:

Lottie has separation anxiety so this will need to be worked on.

Lottie is much better with another dog for company.


Lottie travels well, because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from her current location.

We recommend using seatbelt restraints or crate for the boot whilst traveling.

Things to be aware of:

Any female dogs in the home must be spayed and any males must be neutered. Any dog in the home mustn’t have any resource guarding issues.

Lottie will be going home on a “to be spayed” contract to be neutered by a vet of the charity’s choosing cost covered by the charity, once she has reached her goal weight of 20kg.

Sometimes Lottie is excited to play, any young children in the home must be supervised, as she has the potential to jump and knock children over and pinch their toys.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Lottie has the sweetest most affectionate & playful nature. She wants to love everyone, adults, children and even other dogs in the home. And will initiate play with all, this genuine little girl will be the most incredible addition to any family home.

A little of Lottie’s story below,

You may have seen our post earlier this week, announcing 4 dogs (who were dumped together) coming to into foster and an additional stray, all from Appledown Kennels.

On Wednesday we introduced Rosie who is now in foster with Pam and Mark in the Midlands.

Today we welcomed

Lottie, 2 years old, dumped, now in foster with Helen Diggins in the Midlands

We rely on our own fundraising via organised walks, donations, Auction Group and Lucky Numbers to support the charity and you are always amazing when we ask for help. But sadly, this is an ongoing situation so we are always trying to fill up the pot.

If you would like to help this week’s intake, then please consider donating towards them


From £1 to £100, we don’t judge, please feel free to donate any amount. We are forever grateful for the support we have in our community – thank you 


Thank you as always for your support… these are exceptional times for Rescues across the UK

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