Nancy – Now Adopted!

Nancy is 3 and she has partial paralysis to her back legs. We were gifted Nancy by the RSPCA after we offered help after seeing a video of her when they were asking for a foster home / Rescue.

She was handed in Christmas week to them completely paralysed as an apparent stray, she’s had puppies. She has already undergone an MRI and a operation, with some success. Nancy apparently has fragments of bone that are touching her spinal nerves which is causing her issues and they have removed some but not all. We will be getting a second opinion to see if there is anything else that can be done.

Nancy does have BOAS and her surgery previously for her spine wasn’t without complication due to this so we will have to consult with our vets regarding this. She does have some feeling in her legs and depending on her level tiredness she can walk unaided although her right leg isn’t always finding the floor the right way up (it doesn’t flip back when her toes are underneath).

She’s currently in foster with Debbie Paige huge thanks to Khadine Thirlaway for her 6.30 hour round trip to get Nancy today we are very grateful.

So we know Nancy will need extensive Hydro/ physio potentially more surgery but as yet we don’t know what.

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