Petal – Now Adopted!

Remember when we said we would not give up finding Petal her forever home ….

Well guess what….

We are over the moon to announce that Petal is safe, ‘home’ and loved by her new family!

Petal was road trained to meet her new mum & dad, Amy & Max, and straight away she was full of kisses for her forever family. It was a very precious moment for everyone.

Petal really is fabulous, she is such a genuine girl, and she takes everything in her stride.

There has been a lot of upheaval for her, but this is where the uncertainty ends, and her new life begins ….

And now she also has a skin brother called Finlay to grow-up with. We could not have wished for a better life for Petal. Already she lays her head on Finlay’s lap, and we know they will be besties forever.

We want to give our thanks and gratitude to Mark & Pam Hunt and to Chloe Loxton for road training Petal yesterday. You stepped up to help this girl take her last journey to her ‘forever happiness’ and for that we are truly thankful.

We know Petal has been hugely popular and we have watched social media go crazy with her story.

She is one of the lucky ones….and her safety has been secured because of all the ‘shares’ across social media.

Less than a week ago our hearts were broken at what had happened to Petal but fast forward and here we are with our hearts filled with joy!

Amy and Max have been waiting for the right dog to find them and find them she did, with your help So thank you to everyone who shared her posts for us you did it!

We love a happy ending so let’s wish Petal the very best Christmas with Amy, Max and Finlay and we look forward to following her adventures in the future.

To new beginnings

We can’t celebrate Petals new beginnings without showing our appreciation to our foster team, who stepped up for her. Dawn collected Petal and gave her an amazing start with us, Gayle and her family took Petal on so we could spay her with our trusted vet and sadly when Petal came back to us Pam & Mark stepped in to help her while we found her happily ever after. Thank you all so much, without you Petal would not be celebrating her happily ever after.


Previous Adoption statement below,

Dogs name:



2years old.

Current location:

Hastings, East Sussex.



Older breed savvy children 8+.




Laid back and calm dogs.



Petal is a gentle giant, she is everything you could ask for in an XL bully type dog.

Sweet and affectionate with a gentle soul.

Petal may present as excitable and anxious in the home but quickly shows her true nature as a cuddly snore machine, who will spend her day happily snoozing at your feet.


Petal didn’t have the best start to life and found herself a stray. Sadly, this has left her with separation anxiety.

Petal can be vocal “growly” and “mouth” in play, she holds absolutely no malice whatsoever.

Because of BSL and to protect Petal any children in the home must be supervised, as she is an big girl and has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that dogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted. And they must never attempt to take a toy from him.


Petal needs an active family home, one preferably with someone home the majority of the day.

Any potential family must be prepared to continue training and be able to support her to overcome her separation anxiety.

A garden is a must for Petal, plenty of space for her to run and play.

A calm laid back dog will benefit Petal and keep her company when her humans cant.

Petals family must understand BSL, be prepared to attain a certificate of exemption by January 2024 and insure they comply with EVERY restriction.


Petal loves a walk, she is excitable and bouncy and enjoys meeting new dogs on her travels.

Petal needs continued training in leash walking, Petal has done very well with muzzle training.

Petal MUST CONTINUE to wear a muzzle when out in public in line with BSL.

Petal MUST ALWAYS be walked on a short leash, in line with BSL.

Petal MUST NEVER be allowed to be off leash in public areas in line with BSL.

Toilet trained:

Petal is used to kennels and outdoor living, so will need a toileting routine as she settles. She has done very well in foster.

Can be left:

Petal struggles with separation anxiety and will cry when left which with time, patience and support she can overcome. Petal can currently be left for short periods of time.


Petal travels very well, because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from her current location.

Things to be aware of:

Petal came into GBSR in season as such she will be rehomed on a “to be spayed” contract which will be undertaken at a vet of our choice with costs covered by the charity.

Petals new family MUST be prepared to apply for a certificate of exemption and ENSURE that they comply with each and every restriction. The charity are prepared to cover £92.40 fee for the exemption certificate.

Additional information:

Petal was abandoned and due to be put to sleep when GBSR found her, we couldn’t leave her to her fate and knew our incredible supporters would help us find Petal her happily ever after. She is an incredible sweet natured and kind-hearted giant, who will hold the heart of anyone lucky enough to meet her. Petal will be the most wonderful blessing to any family lucky enough to adopt her.


A little of Petal’s story below,

Please welcome Petal to our GBSR family!

As you will see Petal isn’t an English Bulldog, but when there’s a risk to life you have to step up and do the right thing don’t you ?

Petal was being held at a vet after being handed in as a stray. The warden was contacted but with no rescue space and the imminent ban coming in for XL Bullies, it’s making it near impossible for rescue centres to rehome them.

It’s a sad fact that every bull breed is now struggling because of people dumping them.

We were contacted on Friday by the vet and Helen spent the next 3 days ringing around and asking every rescue known to man to take her.

This young girl has been used for breeding before being dumped, how many times have we seen this? Used, abused and discarded.

The breeder wasn’t interested in taking her back so the vet reached out to us to see if we could help Petal or help them secure a rescue space for her.

We were time limited and if a solution couldn’t be found, Petal’s life would sadly end before it had truly started.

Dawn our foster mum to Bronson, saw Helen’s pleas for rescue and offered to foster if GB would take her under their Wings.

We decided that we couldn’t sit back we had to help her, we had managed to place a 10-week-old XL puppy with a rescue the day before when asked for help, but no one would take Petal.

Dawn has large breed experience, and she has thrown this sweet girl a lifeline for which we are very grateful. Dawn collected Petal today and she is totally loving being in a warm home with toys and a comfy bed… she can’t sit still as she is so excited and it’s a joy to see.

There are fundraisers happening for Petal. We are unsure if she is a typical American XL Bulldog and treatment will include her spay, ongoing support in foster and a DNA test to know her real heritage so that we can plan ahead ensuring she is safe and supported for whatever lies ahead for the breed.

If you would like to donate towards Petals care, here is how you can


PayPal: -friends & family pls

Bank transfer:

Account Name: Geordiebullies springboard rescue

Sort: 09-01-28

Acc: 92014344

Please use the reference PETAL on your donations.

We would like to reiterate that we shall not be taking American Bulldogs going forward, this has been an exceptional situation and a one off – so please can we welcome Petal into the arms of her Springboard family.

So welcome to your GBSR UK journey beautiful lady, we can’t wait to share it with you. 

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