Rio – Now Adopted!

We are thrilled to announce that our very own dragon slayer and troll hunter, Rio AKA Sir Rio has gone home to new territories and new lands to explore!

Yesterday Rio was collected by Andrew & Jenny, to start his new life swapping forests for beaches. And today he was on the beach early with his new skin brother and BFF Joey and dad Andrew looking for sea dragons!

We want to extend our gratitude to Adam Bowley who was Rio’s foster dad. You may remember Rio came into foster barely able to open his eyes because they were so sore. Adam nursed Rio through 2 eye operations, and it wasn’t long before their epic 5 mile walks could begin again. Thank you so much Adam, we are very grateful for all you have done for Rio.

So please join us in congratulating Andrew and Jenny on becoming Rio’s forever family. We hope you have some fabulous adventures together and we look forward to following Rio’s journey with you!!

Previous Adoption Statement.

Dogs name:



2 years old.

Current location:

Desborough, Northamptonshire.



Yes, dog savvy.




Yes, laid-back & playful dogs.



Rio is a charming young boy; he is playful and energetic and adores his humans.

He is very excitable and puppy like.

Rio likes to be active and outside and once finished he will happily curl up at your feet.

He is the epitome of companion breed he thrives with someone being present even if not actively interacting with him whether human or dog. He will use his paw to initiate affection and attention.


Rio may hump other dogs initially this is due to anxiety and his history as a stud. As he settles and feels less anxious this will stop, and now he has been neutered the hormone levels will drop and he won’t react towards entire females.

Rio loves a game of rough play with his humans and will stop when told to.

Rio has a playful nature he loves a ball and will chase. Plays with soft toys by throwing them around and will happily play tug with other dogs.


Rio needs an active family home, one in which his family will take him along on many adventures and someone home the majority of the day.

Rio will benefit greatly from another dog as a companion to keep him company when his humans can’t be with him, and to teach him the routine of the household.

A garden is a must for this boy, somewhere for him to play and expel some of his puppy like exuberance.


Rio loves his walks and can get very excited he may take a moment to calm his enthusiasm to put on his harness.

Rio will happily walk alone or with company, he likes to be in front of any other dogs he is walking with and will pull if not.

Rio is eager meet and greet everyone he encounters on his adventures both humans and unfamiliar dogs.

Toilet trained:

Rio doesn’t know how to ask to go out but has responded very well to a toileting routine. He may have accidents occasionally but continuing his routine in his new home will have him the perfect boy in no time.

Can be left:

Initially Rio may be slightly anxious when left alone, he may cry a little or pace for a few minutes, but he will just take himself to his bed for a sleep.

This will be less so if he has a fellow dog companion for comfort.

Rio can be left for up to 4 hours.


Rio loves going in the car and will get excited. He travels well in the boot he may with vocalisation but soon settles down.

We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or travel crate when transporting your dogs.

Things to be aware of:

Rio will need to stay on Royal Canin digestive care as his food, he has a sensitive stomach.

Rio has recently undergone surgery to remove a benign lump from his side, and entropian he is healing wonderfully. He will need to continue on with Chloramphenicol eyedrops  & Remend corneal gel while he continues to heal.

Sometimes Rio is excited and bouncy when he plays but doesn’t realise his size, any young children in the home must be supervised, as he has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Rio has been one of those dogs that has just taken us all by surprise. He is a gentle giant so full of love and affection. He has the most incredible nature and the most amazing potential. All he needs is someone who can adore him and take him on all the adventures life has to give.

A little of Rio’s journey below,

You may have seen our post earlier this week, announcing 4 dogs (who were dumped together) coming to into foster and an additional stray, all from Appledown Kennels.

On Wednesday we introduced Rosie who is now in foster with Pam and Mark in the Midlands.

Today we welcomed

Rio 2 years old, found as a stray, now in foster with Adam Bowery in the Midlands

We rely on our own fundraising via organised walks, donations, Auction Group and Lucky Numbers to support the charity and you are always amazing when we ask for help. But sadly, this is an ongoing situation so we are always trying to fill up the pot.

If you would like to help this week’s intake, then please consider donating towards them!/

From £1 to £100, we don’t judge, please feel free to donate any amount. We are forever grateful for the support we have in our community, Thank you as always for your support… these are exceptional times for Rescues across the UK

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