Rolo – In foster – Midlands

Please welcome Rolo to our GBSR family,

2-year-old entire Rolo’s owners contacted us for help as their relationship had broken down and neither could take him with them and their new living arrangements. They had kept in contact with us over a period of weeks desperate for us to take him in.

Some rescues just don’t go to plan,

On collection yesterday we realised his breathing wasn’t right and there was an extra noise to his breathing that didn’t just fit with BOAS.

By the time he got to the vet it was touch and go!

Rolo has secondary laryngeal collapse from severe untreated BOAS.

The vet quickly sedated him as they were worried that he would collapse and there would be no saving him.

He was rushed away and given intravenous steroids to reduce the inflammation in his throat, luckily, he’s responded very well and is settling down well.

The plan with our vet is to reduce the inflammation in his throat over the next week and plan for surgery next week weather dependant as it will need to be a very cool day.

If his breathing had been addressed sooner, he wouldn’t be in this situation. If your bulldog is showing signs of breathing issues, please please get them BOAS tested and correct the problem before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, now doing this surgery will be touch and go for him but we don’t have a choice, he won’t survive the summer without it.

Cost of today and surgery recovery will be around £2000.

Let’s come together as the GBSR family to ensure Rolo gets the care he needs. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in Rolo’s life.

A heartfelt thank you to Pam and Mark for their swift action in getting Rolo to safely to the vet this morning. With the continued support of the GBSR family, we can look forward to a full recovery for Rolo.

We are always very grateful for your support of our dogs, you are the people that make a difference to their worlds with us so, anything you can spare for Rolo would be amazing.

From the bottom of our hearts Thank you x

We cant wait to see your journey unfold!!

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