Rosie – Now Adopted!

We have some wonderful news….

Rosie has gone home   

Rosie is the 3rd of our Appledown 5 to find her happy ever after, after being found abandoned and unwanted!

Rosie’s new slaves, John and Toni, and it was love at first sight – we knew it would be, she is a smashing little girl!

Rosie is rubbing along nicely with GBSR boy Sawyer and we think they are going to be bestest buddies!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Rosies’s fabulous foster mum & dad, Pammy and Mark, for taking such good care of her and preparing Rosie for her forever ever after. We will be forever thankful to you!

So please join us in congratulating John & Toni on their beautiful new girl. We hope you have lots of happy years and make lots of wonderful memories together!

Previous Adoption Statement. 

Dogs name:



3 years old

Current location:




Yes, dog savvy.







Rosie is a very affectionate young girl, who likes to make sure you know she is there.

Rosie will seek you out for attention and play, she loves to play fetch and just loves a squeaky ball.

She has grown into a very social young girl both with humans and other dogs and is always happiest in company.


Rosie loves to be centre of it all, she will pinch toys off other dogs and push her way in if any other dogs are getting fuss.

She has done well learning her bulldog manners and can now follow many commands. Although does need to be reminded to be gentle when taking a treat.

Rosie loves her food and those of the other dogs as well, she will need to be fed separately from any other dogs.


Rosie needs an active but calm family environment, with someone home the majority of the day and a family that will keep her involved with all that is daily family life.

Rosie needs a family able to continue her on her weight loss journey to ensure she is safe and healthy to spay.

A garden is a must for her to enjoy an active and fun filled life.


Rosie absolutely loves a walk; she enjoys being outdoors exploring and meeting new people and other dogs.

She will happily walk with others or on her own.

Rosie will need regular exercise to aid her weight loss.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Rosie is a good girl, she may have an accident initially but as soon as she knows the routine she will indicate she needs out by walking by the door.

Can be left:

Rosie will settle herself in her bed with a chew toy when left. She can be left for up to 4 hours on occasion.


Rosie loves the car and can get a little excited. She may bark for a few moments but will soon settle down.

We recommend using a seatbelt harness or travel crate whenever transporting dogs.

Things to be aware of:

Rosie has luxating Patella, that does not require surgery. It is imperative that Rosie stays on a controlled diet, not only for her spay but to prevent her needing further intervention. She may need an anti-inflammatory on occasion, but this will become less and less as she loses the weight impacting her knee.

It will be for her new owners to finance the surgery if it becomes necessary.

Rosie will be going home on a “to be spayed” contract to be spayed by a vet of the charity’s choosing cost covered by the charity. We will keep in close contact with her family to support in her weight loss, to prepare her for spay which is due no later than July.

Rosie will not be rehomed with any entire dogs.

Sometimes Rosie is excited to play but doesn’t realise her size, any young children in the home must be supervised, as she has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Rosie is an incredibly sweet natured lady, that will make the most amazing family member. Having Rosie in your life will mean never being alone again as she will be by your side for many years to come.

A little of Rosie’s story below,

Well, we said at the beginning of the year we were starting off with a bang and we weren’t exaggerating!

This is a long post about 5 dogs coming in this week – 4 of them were abandoned together ..!! and there is another additional EB that needs us from the same place.

Please welcome, 2 year old Rosie into the arms of our Geordie Bullies family. She is the 1st of the 4 girls we are announcing that were abandoned together.

Rosie is another dog born for nothing but greed, to then be abandoned by people with no conscience at all. It is believed all 4 dogs were sold by their breeder and eventually handed into a vet as strays.

We were contacted earlier in the week by Kat from Appledown Kennels which is a smaller rescue that had taken all 5 dogs in.

Rosie and the others had come to the end of their 8-day holding period and had nobody looking for them. So, Kat reached out to us knowing it was best for all the dogs to be with a breed specific rescue so we can assess their needs and find the right forever homes for them.

Rosie is on the chunkier side of life, with possible skin issues and ear and nose rope infection. Rosie will be seeing our vet in the next few days and hopefully we won’t find anything else more serious with her

Thank you, Kat, for taking Rosie to her foster family Pam & Mark in the Midlands, as you can imagine she has been through a lot lately so is anxious, but she has such a sweet nature, and she has quickly become Foster Dads shadow.

Rosie and the others are coming to GBSR with nothing but their names, so we are putting together a wish list to start them on their Springboard journey.

If you would like to contribute towards Rosie’s care, please do so using the ref Rosie and the DONATE button at the top of our Facebook Page ( )

Please follow #Rosie on our Facebook Group but please don’t apply for her yet as she has a journey to make before she is ready for adoption.

Get ready for the announcements for the rest of the Appledown 5 as they come into foster during this week.

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