Teddy – Now Adopted!

So it’s happened our first Christmas puppy. Teddy Bear is 20 weeks old and has suffered horrific injuries in his short little life.

Teddy Bear was being advertised on Facebook yesterday and we were very concerned about his advert as it said he had a previous skin issue, and a broken elbow that was operated on 5 weeks ago.

It was very evident that his ‘skin condition’ was dermodex and that he shouldn’t be sold in the condition he was in as his elbow wouldn’t be healed in his short little life. We tried to reason with his owners as a charity but they weren’t interested so in the end our Volunteers clubbed together there Christmas money, dinner monies and last pennies till pay day to pay the £500 she wanted and bought him as a private buyer, because God knows where he would end up.

So if we thought it couldn’t get any worse it did when we collected him. This poor boy can’t walk and it isn’t just his front elbow it’s his back legs. He’s got dermodex and he’s in horrendous condition.

We have had him to our vets this morning and they are taking him in under General anesthesia on Wednesday to X-ray his front and back legs and his spine. There is something very wrong, our vets think he’s been beaten or dropped. Heart breaking doesn’t even come close to how we feel to think about the suffering he’s endured but what I will say is I hope his breeder (I know who you are) and that you sold him with a chest infection and dermodex are happy with you £1,500 you got from his sale and suffering.

Who hurt him remains a mystery because these injuries weren’t caused by a fall from a step! and you both blame each other. But don’t worry we will give him the love medical attention and care he needed from you both and didn’t get. We will pay the thousands of pounds needed to fix him because you failed him.

 Welcome to GB sweetheart we love you already and your foster Mummy Carla and Daddy Carl have your best interests in their hearts.