Trisha, Alan and Alfie – Fosterers

Location: Port Talbot, West Glamorgan

Role at the charity: Me, Alan and Alfie all volunteer. We foster, road train and I help run the auction page.

Why did you join Geordie Bullies?
We heard a lot about Geordie Bullies through Facebook. A lot of our bulldog friends asked us to join as they were looking for volunteers.

What appealed to you about fostering?
As a family we love the bulldog breed and already had two of our own. We felt that being a foster family and helping others find their forever home was something we would love to be a part of.

How many dogs have you fostered?
So far we have fostered the late great Arthur, Eve, Dave for a short while, Archie and the gorgeous Coco pop.

What is the biggest challenge with fostering?
The biggest challenge with fostering is letting them go, lol. They all have different characters and we have such a love for the breed that we adopted Arthur, then Eve and then Archie!

What have you learned from fostering?
The main thing we have learnt through fostering is how many money grabbing heartless people there are out there using these poor babies to make money. Then they dispose of them the minute they stop being able to breed or need medical attention, due to the horrible conditions they are living in.

What do you like the most about English Bulldogs?
As a family we have always loved English bulldogs, their stubbornness and chilled out ways. I gotta say I do love the oldies though like Arthur, he was a little grumpy old man and his face, omg, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Now we have Archie the shoe thief who leaps and jumps and is generally crazy, what’s not to love?!

Do you have any advice for people looking to foster?
The one piece of advice I would tell anyone looking to foster is to be prepared to have a lot of different emotions. You feel sad at the way some have been treated, happy about your part of their journey to a new happy life and then you get so emotional when they leave for their forever homes. But in the end you feel a heartful of pride to say that with this charity and yourself, that fur baby will now and forever be happy, healthy and loved.