Winston and Patty – Adopted!

If you would like to apply for an instant ‘Bulldog Family’, please follow the link at the bottom of the page and complete the application form but before you do that, please read the adoption statement.

Name: Winston aged 3 & Patty aged 4

Can live with children: Yes, over 7

Can live with dogs: No, they are happy just with each other

Can live with cats: Untested

Current Location: Derbyshire

Other: Spayed / neutered and microchipped

Personality: Winston is generally very laid back whereas Patty is more excitable. Patty will defend her toys, but Winston does mind, most of the time he lets have them.

Winston loves playing chase and playing football with the resident child. They both love their cuddles and Patty particularly likes to lay up close. Winston is gentle natured, and Patty is defiantly the boss. Both are house-trained.

Things to be Aware of: Patty can be reactive to other dogs when out walking and will bark.
Whilst Winston is house trained, he will need to be crated if left alone as he can have accidents

The Ideal Family: A couple with or without older children, who are around for a good part of the day and have time for walks and cuddles will be ideal

Other comments: Patty and Winston are a very well bonded couple who need to be re-homed together. They are very good with each other and hate being apart.

They can be left or up to 4 hours a day and travel well so can be re-homed within 4 hours from their current location.

If you have any questions, please ask Kerrie Webster their foster,

Their adoption fee is £800 and will need to be paid in full prior to them going home which will also be subject to a home check.

If you feel you can offer the perfect home to Patty & Winston then please complete our application form via the link below

Please note, if you don’t meet their criteria you won’t be considered to adopt them.