Angel – Now Adopted!

Angel is home!

Our lovely Angel has gone home to live with Jessica and her son and her new fur sister Star.

It’s been a busy couple of days since Angel ‘went home’ she has had an evening beach walk, a walk in the woods, and a doggy ice cream and of course a spot of sunbathing thrown in!

Congratulations to Jessica you now have your very own Star and an Angel in your life, and we are thrilled Angel has settled down in her new forever home with you.

We can’t congratulate Jessica without extending our heartfelt thank’s Mandy Holland on another successful foster.

We know Angel has taken a piece of your heart and you have been a fabulous foster mum to her, thank you for preparing her for her new home.

Be a good girl Angel, we can already tell you have more adventures to come!


A little of Angel’s story below,

Angel came into GBSR a 3-year-old unspayed bitch.

One of our volunteers alerted us to a post where Angel was being sold. After contacting the lady, she agreed to surrender Angel to us to keep her safe.

Angel hadn’t had the best start in life, she was rescued by her previous owner from a life of being left in the back garden and not being fed the lady paid for angel to keep her safe.

Unfortunately, after an accidental litter the lady felt she didn’t have space to keep the 2 dogs separate as the male dog just kept wanting to get to Angel, so she made the decision to rehome angel.

So one of our team got straight on it to collect her.

Angel was extremely overweight, so our first task was to get her on a controlled diet, as we all know obesity in this breed is a killer.

And we soon discovered that poor Angel was suffering from idiopathic head tremors something unfortunately very common in the breed. While it can look distressing it isn’t detrimental to their health and can be controlled.

Angel started on CBD treatment, and this has helped improve the head tremors greatly.

Angel soon settled into foster life and her character was soon shown, she really is an inquisitive and cheeky little girl. She responded very well to the resident pug Wiggles and her foster family.

Loving cuddling up or sneak attacking her foster mum from behind whilst sat on the sofa and giving the biggest ear licks ever (apparently foster mum had mucky ears that needed cleaning).

Her foster family worked really hard to get her weight down and we had her spayed, and Angel was all ready for us to find her new home and forever family!


Previous adoption statement.

Our Angel is such a wonderfully natured bulldog, a true man’s best friend.

Angel isn’t an overly playful girl much prefers to be cuddled and pampered with as much attention and affection possible.

Angel has loved meeting the family’s children and adores them all, she can get a little excited and has potential to knock over any little ones, but she holds no malice.

She has enjoyed the company of the resident dog and enjoys walks and meeting new people and new dogs.

Dogs name:



3 years old. 

Can live with children:

Yes, dog savvy.

Can live with dogs:


Can live with cats:


Current location:

Ludgershall, Hampshire. 

Things to be aware of:

Angel will be going home on a to be spayed contract, at a vet of the charities choosing and cost covered by the Charity.

Angel has a Umbilical Hernia, which will be repaired at the same time as her spay, costs covered by the charity.

Angel has Idiopathic head tremors which is something very common in the breed a calm voice and kind hand will help her feel safe while she is in tremor.

We are trialling her with CBD to see if this helps, and we will support and guide her new family.   

Angel is on the porkier side so is on a diet to bring her down to her ideal weight, if this hasn’t been attained it must continue in her new home.

Any young children must be supervised as Angel has the potential to knock them over. 

The ideal home: 

Angel is suited to most home’s she will adore a family with children to fuss her and take her along on their adventures.

Or a quieter life where she can spend her days having walks and being spoiled.

She will love a doggy companion to keep her company when her family can’t.

Other comments:

Angel has been an absolute pleasure to have in foster. She really is the sweetest of girls and just takes life as it comes. She deserves a happily ever after.


Welcome to your GBSR Family Angel! We cannot wait to share the next chapter of your life with you.

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