Blue – In foster – South East

Blue 07/01/2024

Please welcome a very sad little Blue to our GBSR family!!

We are going to start this post with a please.

Please no judgement towards Blue’s family who are heartbroken with his condition and having to ask us for help.

Blue is a 5year old entire male.

We were contacted by Blue’s owners this weekend desperate for help, they unfortunately their circumstances have changed and they simply cannot afford the treatment needed for him. They have tried everything they possibly can for him.

Blue will be seeing our vet as quickly as we possibly can and we can get him started on the treatment he needs. And we will do as we promised his family, get him well and find him the best forever home.

Blue has terrible skin condition, secondary skin infection, ear infection, with allergies just to add to the list. He has a little way to go but is an absolute sweetheart.

Blue is in foster with Kelly Long in the South East, huge thank you Kelly for collecting Blue so quickly.

Blue has dove headfirst into his new foster life, well onto the sofa at least, he may take a moment to learn the “All FOUR PAWS RULE”

Well we do like to start a new year off with a bang

Please follow Blue on our Facebook Group but please don’t apply for him yet as he has a journey to make before he is ready for adoption.

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