Monty – Now Adopted!

Monty is home!

Please join us in congratulating Trish Plaister and her family on her adoption of Monty.

Trish has been a fabulous foster for us since 2020, fostering George, Bentley, Nelly, Bear, Maggie, Porcha, Sarge, Freddie and Monty.

But when Monty came along, she discovered he was the jigsaw piece that had been missing from their family.

So, when Trish asked if she could make her family complete, we were thrilled that Monty had found his forever home and would never need to move again.

So Monty is now a Brummie Peaky Blinder with his BFF Herbie.

Herbie has been the perfect big brother, and he has wasted no time showing Monty how to behave and how to Bully Bundle, their pairing is perfect and its fabulous for Monty to have a big fur brother to show him the ropes.

Huge congratulations to you and your family Trish and thank you for offering to give Monty the best life.

We know he will enjoy many wonderful beach holidays with his new family and lots of lovely walks and family time.

And to Monty, have the best time sweetheart and we are looking forward to seeing you having adventures with Herbie!

A little of Monty’s story below,

Please welcome the adorable Master Monty to our GBSR family!

Monty is a 6month old entire male.

We were contacted over the weekend by Monty’s family to ask for help.

You see behind this unbelievably adorable face is a little troublemaker!

Sometimes a puppy and an old man just collide!!

In typical Bulldog puppy fashion Monty bounced into his new home puppy paws first and turned the poor old staffi’s life upside down.

Monty’s older companion just couldn’t keep up with the pup and was getting grumpy with him.

So, before things got more difficult Monty’s family decided to ask us for help and to find Monty a new family.

It wasn’t an option for him to fall into the wrong hands.

Monty is in foster with Trish Plaister and her family in the Midlands. And with no surprise has crashed into the Plaister household as only a bonkers bullie pup could.

Please follow Monty on our Facebook Group but please don’t apply for him yet as he has a little while before she is ready for adoption.

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