Blue – Now Adopted!

We have some lovely news for you today, Blue has gone home!

We were heartbroken for Blue when he came into foster, he was very skinny with a horrible skin infection he was fighting, he had been suffering from neglect for some time.

Blue’s wonderful foster mum Kelly wasted no time getting him fit. It took a long time and commitment from his FM to heal Blue, and now he has flourished into a beautiful boy who loves life. Thank you Kelly, your commitment and effort to heal Blue has been amazing and we are very thankful to you for never giving up, you have made such a difference to his life and we will be forever grateful!

Yesterday, Blue was collected by Laura and Jon and his new life had begun. He was fabulous overnight, and he settled very well….. and its safe to say Laura & Jon are smitten.

This morning Laura and Jon were greeted with a happy boy raring to go and already he has sampled the Norfolk countryside that is now his forever home.

Please join us in congratulating Laura and Jon and we hope you will enjoy lots of adventures with Beautiful Blue!!

Dogs name:



5 years old.

Current location:

Thatcham, Berkshire.



Yes, older children 5+




Yes, laid back and calmer dogs.




Blue is a big bouncy bulldog with high energy.

He is such an affectionate boy who will shower his humans with as much love and attention as he possibly can, equally he will happily spend the day being cuddled and kissed by you too.

Blue has such a cheeky charm that will steal your heart the moment you meet him.

He is an outgoing a sociable boy and loves interacting with other dogs.


Blue is lively and playful boy; he will seek you out for attention and he will also play by himself with a toy, balls are his favourite.

Blue does initiate the occasional rough play and can be mouthy, but he is quick to respond to being told no. He loves playing tug with you and if you squeeze any of his squeaky toys, he will attempt to get it off of you.

Blue isn’t a fan of water, especially on his head and face. He will allow you to wipe his folds and nose nope, he will even allow you to bath him, until his face is wet.

Blue is a food motivated and eager to learn and please his human. Blue’s is response to continued training has been exceptional, while he continues to learn his manners however, he has the typical bulldog deaf ear at times.


Blue needs an active family, who will keep him included in daily family life.

A family with someone at home for him much of the day.

Blue needs someone committed to carrying on his training and excited about helping him reach his incredible potential.

A garden is a must, for him to run around and expel some of his energy.

Blue would benefit from a calm and laid-back doggy companion, to keep him company and help him continue to learn his manners.


Blue is a high energy boy so good daily walks and exercise routines are a must.

Blue is a strong boy and can pull this continues to improve whilst in foster and ongoing training will be needed.

He is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people and dogs out on his adventures, he can react if a dog reacts negatively towards him, however this is easily managed with distraction, and he will continue on his way exploring his environment.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Blue is a good boy.

Can be left:

Blue can be left for up to 4 hours, he will happily settle down in his bed for a snooze or chew on a toy.


Blue travels very well, either crated in the boot or using a seatbelt restraint on the backseat. Because of this we accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location.

Things to be aware of:

Any potential family would need to be dedicated to training and to do what is best for Blue, to give him the life he deserves.

Blue has an environmental allergy rather than a food allergy. Blue will need to be monitored with his skin and potentially be on a low dose steroid for life.

He is prone to yeasty skin, so will need regular bathing with a medicated wash.

And we would recommend regular worm and flea treatment with Bravecto or Simparica.

Because of Blue’s big bouncy nature any young children must be supervised as he could possibly knock them over in play.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Any dog in the home must be accepting of another dog coming into the home, and must be neutered.

Additional information:

Blue has thrived in foster and is now ready to start his happily ever after.

If you are looking for a partner in crime, then Blue is definitely your boy. He has the most beautiful and adventurous nature and just wants to be with his human.

A little of Blue’s story below,

Please welcome a very sad little Blue to our GBSR family!!

We are going to start this post with a please.

Please no judgement towards Blue’s family who are heartbroken with his condition and having to ask us for help.

Blue is a 5year old entire male.

We were contacted by Blue’s owners this weekend desperate for help, they unfortunately their circumstances have changed and they simply cannot afford the treatment needed for him. They have tried everything they possibly can for him.

Blue will be seeing our vet as quickly as we possibly can and we can get him started on the treatment he needs. And we will do as we promised his family, get him well and find him the best forever home.

Blue has terrible skin condition, secondary skin infection, ear infection, with allergies just to add to the list. He has a little way to go but is an absolute sweetheart.

Blue is in foster with Kelly Long in the South East, huge thank you Kelly for collecting Blue so quickly.

Blue has dove headfirst into his new foster life, well onto the sofa at least, he may take a moment to learn the “All FOUR PAWS RULE”

Well we do like to start a new year off with a bang

Please follow Blue on our Facebook Group but please don’t apply for him yet as he has a journey to make before he is ready for adoption.

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