Briggs – In Foster – South East

Briggs is a 3.5 year old entire male.
Brigg’s owner contacted us to ask if we would take him in. He was living with 12 other dogs and had initially been ok with them but then fights broke out with Briggs & the male dogs in the home and it was getting harder to manage.
Briggs also lunged and pulled when out walking if he saw any other dogs so was being walked at night to avoid coming in to contact with dogs…..He requires extensive training on the lead.
Briggs has fur missing and after our vets visit yesterday they found he has a severe mite/flea allergy and skin infections. His fur has been shaved by the previous owner, he also has double cherry eye which will be corrected once he is well enough.
Briggs is now in foster with Bev Thomas and is enjoying getting to know foster sister Bonnie.
Briggs will need an assessment to determine what kind of forever home he will require.
Please do not contact us regarding rehoming him yet as he is new to foster.
Welcome to GBSR Briggs! We cannot wait to share your journey

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