Casper – Now Adopted!

Our gorgeous boy Casper is home, and he hasn’t had to move …

That’s right, Casper has always been home.

Don’t you just love a failed foster!

You may remember back in January when Casper first came into foster, he was severely abused and neglected. This beautiful boy had suffered cigarette burns; he was made to live outside in horrendous conditions.

He had nothing but his name, he had suffered so much and was completely unloved and broken.

Well fast forward to nine weeks later and his situation could not be anymore more different.

He is absolutely loved and adored, he is warm and has a full belly and is so very happy.

We were absolutely thrilled when his FM Lesley and her beautiful family asked to adopt Casper, it was a very easy YES!

Thank you, Lesley, for everything you have done for this gorgeous boy. You have shown him what it is to be loved, adored and safe.

We will be forever grateful for everything you have done for him. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

To Casper, enjoy your happy ever after sweetheart.

We wish you many happy years together.

No more abuse and neglect for you, just lots and lots of happy times ahead and lots and lots of happy memories to make.

Dogs name:



5years old.

Current location:

Briercliffe, Burnley



Yes, dog savvy children 10+.







Casper is a big friendly giant of a boy; he is extremely affectionate with his humans.

He has an incredibly sweet nature, loving, stubborn and lively with just a little hint of cheekiness.

Casper is a companion at its finest, happiest at your side.


Typical bulldog fashion Casper is food oriented, clumsy and still learning his manners.

He has thrived in foster and is eager to please and responsive to his humans.

Casper doesn’t like sudden noises or raised voices, he will run away and hide but with gentle reassurance his confidence is growing.

Casper isn’t a playful boy, he does enjoy a little rough play on occasion, but this can over stimulate him, and he can hump.


Casper needs a calm family environment, with a family who will keep him involved with all that is family life.

Casper needs a patient family, who have the time to help him reach his full potential, understanding his previous history.

He needs someone who can be with him for the majority of the day and not left for long time periods often.


Casper loves his walks, walks are still relatively new experiences for him so he can be excitable, strong and can pull.

He hasn’t been socialised with other dogs, so he can be anxious and over eager. If a dog reacts to him by barking and growling Casper will be reactive towards them.

With the correct training, socialisation and support Casper should overcome these issues.

Casper would happily spend his days walking, exploring new environments and meeting new people to spoil him with affection.

Toilet trained:

Casper is a good boy but can on occasion have an accident.

Can be left:

Casper settles well when left, as long as he has somewhere secure with a comfy bed, and access to water he can be left for up to 4 hours.


Casper can be excitable traveller; he travels well with someone sat with him on the backseat but will jump around if alone. Casper will sing the song of his people to help your journey along if travelling in the boot. We will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location.

We advise that you use a seatbelt, headrest restraint or crate when transporting any dog.

Things to be aware of:

Casper needs continued training, for his manners, walks and socialisation.

Any children in the home must be supervised, as Casper can be clumsy and has the potential to knock smaller children over and may attempt to take food from them.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Casper needs to be an only day as he has never been socialised properly, this has left him unsure of other dogs and reactive towards dogs in his space or that react negatively towards him.

Additional information:

Where do we start with this wonderful boy, Casper has had a terrible start to life but this boy’s beautiful nature hasn’t let it hold him back. Since coming into foster he has thrived and showers his foster family with so much adoration. He will do anything to please and is working so hard learning all his manners. We are so proud of him and excited to start him on his journey for the happy ever after he deserves.

A little of Casper’s story below,

Well, 2024 just keeps on giving!


Welcome Casper to our GBSR family.

We were contacted about Casper almost 2 weeks ago, and we have been working to bring him

Casper is a severe abuse and neglect case.

This beautiful boy has suffered cigarette burns, at the hands of some disgusting human. If they can do that to him, you can just imagine what else this beautiful boy has been through.

Casper was made to live outside in horrendous conditions, this poor boy was left out through our harsh winter and only brought safely inside when rescued.

We wish he could tell us everything they have done to him. How he was failed by the people who were supposed to love him most and how he must have been so frightened and alone.

There is never an excuse for this level of abuse, we can’t understand why or how anyone could do this.

The important part is we have him, and he is safe. He is the sweetest boy and has been so well-behaved with his new foster.

It’s absolutely no surprise that this boy comes to us with nothing but a name. We put together an Amazon wishlist together to give Casper the start to his new life that he deserves, and our incredible supporters bought it out in minutes.

Casper is in the North West with his foster mum Lesley. Thank you so much for coming to this boys’ aid so quickly. We truly appreciate you.

We can’t tell you the grief and struggle the beginning of this year has been, some of the most neglected dogs in desperate need of our care.

It has been the worst beginning of the new year we have ever seen.

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We won’t fail them.

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