Flo – Now Adopted!

We have some lovely news to start the week …. our platinum blonde bombshell Flo is staying put with her foster mum and is now a ‘Diggins.

Flo was originally called Phoenix and she was rehomed with Dottie 12 months ago. But recently, the harmony between the girls and the resident Frenchie was becoming less and less harmonious so it was with broken hearts the family asked us to take Flo back.

Flo went straight into foster with Helen Diggins, and her family and fell for Flo straight away. She made herself completely at home and slotted in perfectly with their family life and they were all smitten with her within days.

Helen has fostered 9 dogs for us but when Flo came to stay, she felt an instant connection and we were thrilled when Helen asked us if she could stay – no more moves for this beautiful girl, she is now home forever.

So please join us in congratulating Helen and her family on their beautiful addition to their family and to Flo, have a wonderful life sweetheart.

A little of Flo’s story below,

Please welcome Flo (Was Phoenix) back into the arms of her GBSR family.

This is a really sad return so please no judgement!

Flo was adopted along with Dottie a year ago as a bonded pair. Unfortunately, the girls have started fighting and it was clear they could no longer be together.

Flo’s family have worked together with the charity to prevent this from happening but sadly, nothing anyone has done has worked.

After many discussions with the charity, it was decided that Flo would come back into foster as the risk that one of them would end up getting hurt was too high.

You can’t begin to understand how much this has broken their families’ hearts, and ours it is so difficult to see a forever family working so hard to fix a problem and failing. If love could have fixed this, it for sure would have done.

To Sam and your wonderful family, thank you for loving our girls as you do, thank you for working so hard and we are so sorry that it has come to this. Our promise to you is to make sure whoever is lucky enough to adopt Flo, adores her just as much as you.

Flo has obviously been well loved and very well cared for and she is the sweetest girl.

Flo is now in foster with Helen and her family in the Midlands and will be going through a period of  assessment before going up for adoption.

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