Chi Chi – Now Adopted!

Chi Chi is Home

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Chi Chi has gone home, and she soon got busy training her new servants Gemma and Robert.

She hasn’t wasted any time wrapping them all around her paws and becoming Queen of her castle.

Chi Chi is settled in well and really enjoyed exploring her new home and surroundings.

Her new Mummy and Daddy fell in love with her cheeky charms almost immediately and are got straight to working together as a perfect family.

Huge congratulations to Gemma and Robert on your beautiful little girl!

To little Miss Chi Chi, now your forever adventures begin, have the most wonderful life in your new home sweetheart and we look forward to seeing all your adventures unfold x

Massive thank you to our lovely foster dad Wayne Byrne and little fur foster sis Babs for caring and preparing Chi Chi for her forever home. Well done on another amazing foster, you have been fabulous, and we are very grateful for all your hard work x


A little of Chi Chi’s story below,

Chi Chi is an excitable, stubborn and affectionate little Bulldog who can be a bit mouthy when she plays and is still learning not to jump up at everyone for attention.

She gets very excited when it’s time for walks, although she isn’t a long distance walker and she can become reluctant to walk if her route is changed. Chi Chi displays her deaf ear beautifully when she is recalled so this needs more work..! In the home she will provide her foster dad with a paw when there is food involved. In Chi Chi’s world, commands are on her terms..!

Chi Chi gets on very with Babs the resident Pug but would benefit from having a slightly larger playmate in her new home. There are no issues over toys or food, but she likes to get in front of Babs when it comes to getting attention.

Dogs name: Chi Chi

Age:  1 Year 10 Months

Can live with children: Yes, dog savvy children

Can live with dogs: Yes, must be sterilised

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Wigan, Greater Manchester

Things to be aware of: 

Chi Chi will need to be spayed in October. This will be arranged with the new owner at a vet of our choice and will be paid for by the charity.

The ideal home: 

Chi Chi is a lovely playful girl so it would be great for her to have an equally playful partner in crime in her new home but as Chi Chi is un-spayed, any resident dog will need to be sterilised.

As mentioned, Chi Chi will jump up for attention so for this reason any resident children must be dog savvy and young children supervised around her.

She really enjoys going out so her new family must be committed to taking her on regular walks as she is quite unfit so she needs short walks that can be gradually increased.

Other comments: 

Chi Chi is a lovely and loving young girl. She enjoys life and being involved in everything around her.

She still needs boundaries regarding jumping up and the mouthing when she is excited, so her new family need to be prepared to deal with this with consistent and simple commands. She is a bright girl and with the right approach, this behaviour can be managed over time.