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2 years old

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Yes, dog savvy children.




Yes, a calm laid back female.



Our very handsome Coisty is in need of TPLO surgery, if you have been following his journey you know we have tried everything to prevent this. Sadly, we have no other choice, we must do whatever it takes to make his life better.

TPLO surgery is complicated and has a long period of healing, after many discussions we have decided that it is best for Coisty to find his forever home before his surgery, and we will support the family through.


Coisty is a gentle sweet soul, he is everything you could ask for in a companion breed.

His world revolves around his person, but equally enjoys a good bond with a calm and laid-back female.

He is playful, cheeky and so loving he will seek you out for attention and affection.


Coisty had a very sheltered upbringing which has left him with separation anxiety, having a female doggy companion will help this and with ongoing training and reassurance he will learn his humans are coming back to him.

He will cry and howl until his humans come back.

He is a typical young bouncy boy, full of excitement and joy.

Coisty guards his toys he will not give them up.


Coisty needs TPLO surgery, this is a complicated surgery with a long period of healing, so we feel it is best to find his forever home, for him to heal with his new family.

His new family will need a crate as he will need a period of 4-6weeks of crate rest.

Coisty will need a calm family environment preferably with someone home with him to care for him during his period of healing.

Coisty needs a family who understands separation anxiety and how to support him through, and he will benefit greatly from a calm and back female as a companion for those times his humans can’t be with him.


Coisty is on restricted exercise due to the torn cruciate ligament, once he has the surgery, he will need to be on crate rest for the first 4-6weeks only allowed to go outside to use the bathroom and must be supervised.

Coisty will then be allowed on very short, controlled walks while he builds up his muscle.

Toilet trained:

Coisty is a good boy.

Can be left:

Coisty can be left for short periods, longer if he has the company of a doggy companion.

Coisty will pant and cry when left alone, but with the right support and training this will ease. Using a crate as a safe space will certainly help.


Coisty travels is excitable in the car, he must have a seatbelt restraint or cate when travelling.

We will be moving Coisty to the Midlands for his TPLO surgery, his family must be willing to take him to our specialist vet in Solihull for his treatment.

Things to be aware of:

Coisty family MUST be willing to travel him to and from our specialist vet for his TPLO surgery and any treatment needed for his healing.

The family must research the surgery, so they know what to expect.

The surgery costs and any treatment needed for Coisty’s healing will be covered by the charity.

Piriton for allergies to ease itchy skin and monitor feed due bulldog common ailment of interdigital cysts.

Any female dog in the home must be spayed.

Any children in the home must be supervised, as Coisty can be boisterous and has the potential to knock smaller children over and take toys from them.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Coisty is an incredible boy, he is full of personality and will keep you entertained for many years to come. Once you’ve been loved by him, you will be hard pushed to find another love like it. All Coisty needs is a family ready and willing to put in the time an dedication he needs during the next months of his healing, we promise it will truly be worth every moment of hard work and love put in.

Coisty’s adoption donation fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to him going home which will also be subject to a home check.

**Every dog rehomed by GBSR receives Rescue Back-up for their whole Life. And the admin team are available for advice and support for the whole of that dog’s lifetime via Messenger, therefore the successful applicant will need to have an active Facebook and Messenger account for the life of the dog. If you cannot agree to this, please don’t apply**


  1. You MUST MEET ALL the dogs’ criteria, have you read the adoption criteria in full?
  4. PAYMENT REFERENCE must on the application form to cross reference. Mention if you have paid by Paypal or Bank Transfer if you are unable to provide a Transaction Number so we can check.
  5. PAYMENT METHOD Via Enthuse using the link below.



£5 per year allows you to apply for as many dogs as you wish over a 12-month period from your first application. Please mention if you have paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer on any previous applications so we can cross reference.

Below is the link to the Application Form.

A little of Coisty’s story below,

What a weekend

3 new dogs have joined our GBSR family!!

Please say a big hello and welcome to dog number 2 the beautiful 2-year-old Coisty

(We apologise football fans we don’t choose the names)

Coisty is Bears brother as the boys have typical brotherly tiffs, we decided it was best to separate them.

Bear & Coisty’s owner very sadly passed away recently and although the family wanted to keep them, they knew their dad’s pride and joy’s weren’t getting the care and attention they needed

We were contacted by a lovely lady named Linda who had come across the brother’s ad as “free to good home”

Linda contacted the owner and begged him to take down the ad and she would help him find a breed specific rescue. After a week of trying so many others Linda contacted us and we couldn’t turn them away.

Coisty such a sweet soul and is clearly very sad and distressed after so much change and heart break. Coisty has joined Craig and his family. Introductions to Craigs resident dogs went very well.

Unfortunately, Coisty decided he was so hungry on Friday night that food bowl is obviously edible too, poor Coisty has cut his mouth open so his owner got him to the vet straight away and has come to us on antibiotics.

Coisty needs some good old-fashioned TLC and will be seeing the vet soon for a full health check and booked in for his neuter.

A huge thank you to Craig and family for collecting Coisty and welcoming him into your heart and home.

Coisty is in foster with Craig and his family up in bonny Scotland.

Welcome to the start of your GBSR journey and the start of your Happily Ever After, we can’t wait to share it with you!!

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