Nigel – Now Adopted!

Nigel is home!

What a perfect way to start Christmas!

We are very pleased to announce that puppa ‘Naughty Nigel’ has gone home.

Christopher and Gracee collected Nigel from his foster home and fell in love with him instantly who wouldn’t!!

We would like to extend our massive thanks to FM Emma Turnbull for taking Nigel into foster so close to Christmas. We really appreciate what you do for our dogs and now you can enjoy your Christmas knowing Nigel has gone to an amazing new home.

Please can you all join us in congratulating Christopher and Gracee, we know you just haven’t stopped smiling since you got your bundle of joy and that makes us very happy.

And to Naughty Nigel – be a good little boy and we can’t wait to follow your adventures in your new home.

We wish you many happy years together.

Previous adoption statement below,

Dogs name:

Nigel (Jelly)


4months old.

Current location:

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland.



Yes, dog savvy children




Yes, laid back and tolerant of puppy behaviours.



Jelly is a very happy bouncy and excitable puppy.

He is energetic, playful and inquisitive, he loves toys and to play with his humans or with a resident dog.

Jelly adores his humans and loves any and all forms of affection and attention.


Jelly is still so young and has lots to learn, he is excitable, nosey and into everything.

He is learning his doggy manners and doing well but will need ongoing training and encouragement.

He is a typical bouncy puppy and needs patience, time and training.


Jelly needs a calm but active family home, a family that will keep him involved in daily family life.

Jelly needs ongoing training and a family who have the time to give him and help him reach his full potential.
A garden or lots of long walks are a must for him, he loves to be outside.

He may benefit from a calm, laid back and patient dog that can keep him company and keep up with his playful nature.


Jelly loves the outdoors; he needs lead training as he hasn’t been able to go out many times due to his vaccines. But the moment he see’s his lead he gets so excited.

He has been walked with the resident dog who he just follows, and on his own where he was very excited and had to sniff everything and say hello to everyone he meets.

Jelly had a day at a GBSR event where he met many different dogs and loved every moment.  

Toilet trained:

Jelly is on a toileting routine; he is now dry at night but may have the odd accident. However, he will go on a puppy pads. But with continued training he will have it in no time.

Can be left:

Because of his age we wouldn’t recommend him being left for any longer than 2hours. He will bark to start with but does settle. He will settle better with a blanket over his crate.


Jelly travels very well using a seatbelt restraint, he will be a little vocal to get your attention, but soon settles down. Because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location.

Things to be aware of:

Jelly will be ready to go home after his final puppy inoculations on the 22nd Dec.

Any female dog in the home must be spayed and any males must be neutered.

Jelly will be going home on a “to be neutered” contract to be neutered by a vet of the charity’s choosing cost covered by the charity. Jelly will be 18 months old March 2025

Any young children in the home must be supervised, as Jelly is a puppy he will jump up and mouth and has the potential to knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Nigel, or more lovingly known as Jelly, is an energetic little pocket rocket. He is an amazingly affectionate young boy and will grow into the most incredible boy with the right family at his side. He is responsive to his humans and eager to please. If you’re looking for the dog to grow with your family, then Jelly is your boy.

A little of Nigel’s story below,

Dog number 3 for such a busy weekend!!

Please welcome Nigel into our GBSR family!

Nigel is a 4-month-old little boy.

We were contacted by a lovely lady asking for help with this little man. Nigel had belonged to her son, but unfortunately, he wasn’t caring for him. Nigel was being left for the majority of the day locked in his crate.

He asked her to take him, and she couldn’t leave him there so took him home with her. She tried to keep Nigel but as you can imagine he needs a lot and her home wasn’t suited for him. Heartbreakingly she contacted us and there was no way we couldn’t help her.

All she wants is for Nigel to have the very best of homes, with children and other dogs for him to grow with.

Huge thank you to Emma, Dan and their family for jumping into action so quickly and welcoming Nigel into their home. Nigel is in foster in the North East and so far is doing very well.

He is a feisty little one and is a pest to Ozzy his fur foster brother. Ozzy is super laid back and will tell him off if needed.

Emma keeps repeating “who’s stupid idea was it to bring a puppy home at Christmas?”

To which she keeps getting the reply “You did”

Nigel didn’t answer to any names, so we decided to open it up to our volunteers to help name our newbie, they all chose names, and we popped them onto a random choice wheel!

Nigel was the winning name.

He is being lovingly nicknamed Jelly.

Welcome to your GBSR family Little man we can’t wait to see how you grow and get to share in all your shenanigans and adventures along the way of your GBSR journey and the start of your Happily Ever After!!!

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