Colin – Now adopted

Colin is a super, gentle, relaxed, loving, well rounded boy who adores lots of cuddles and attention. He walks well on the lead and is happy to meet and greet other dogs. His days consist of attention, short walks and lots of sleeps in between.

Dogs name: Colin

Age:  5 years, 8 months

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  Yes

Current location:  Leicestershire

Things to be aware of: 

Colin needs to improve fitness so he is being taken on short walks that can gradually be extended but he is never going to be a long distance walker.

The ideal home: 

Any relaxed and loving home where he will be adored and included as part of the family. As mentioned, he isn’t fit enough for long walks, so ideally, he will have a gentle 10-minute walk twice a day to gradually build up fitness and a garden where he can mooch about and just be ‘Colin’.

Colin is great around children and looks for cuddles.

Other comments: 

Well, who wouldn’t want Colin, he is an adorable boy who will paw you for attention. He will happily live alone or with an equally chilled out and laid-back dog

Colin isn’t a great lover of the car so ideally, we will be looking for a new home up to 2 hours with a stop, from his current location in Leicester.

Colins adoption donation fee is £350 and will need to be paid in full prior to him going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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£5 per year allows you to apply for as many dogs as you wish should you not be suitable on your first Application.
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