Connie – Now Adopted!

Connie is Home

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Connie has gone home!

She took no time training her new servants Leanne and Hayley and their fur babies Chester and Lola. She didn’t waste any time wrapping them all round her paws and keeping them on their toes.

Connie settled quickly and enjoyed exploring her new home. Took her mere moments to suss out where the treat cupboard.

Not only did Connie find her forever home, and she also go to celebrating her 6th Birthday in her very own home!

Many Happy Returns Connie Enjoy all your birthday celebrations sweetie!

Please join us in congratulating Leanne and Hayley on their beautiful new addition to their family.

So Little Miss Connie, now your forever adventures begin, have a wonderful life in your new home sweetheart and we look forward to seeing all your adventures unfold!

Massive thank you to our lovely foster mum Danielle Henry Marshall for caring and preparing Connie for her forever home. You have been fabulous, and we are very grateful for all your help as always!

A little of Connie’s story below,

Connie is an adorable and sweet little girl who loves to snuggle and cuddle. She is not boisterous, and her favourite activity is sleeping.

Whilst she will go on walks, once she has been cajoled out of her bed, she is not a long-distance walker so a mooch about for 30 minutes will do her. And if it’s cold she wears a little jumper outside.

Connie is fine with most dogs as she has been living in a foster home that provides doggy day care.

Dogs name: Connie

Age:  5 years 11 months

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes – must be sterilised

Can live with cats:  Yes

Current location:  Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

Things to be aware of: 

Connie is being rehomed as entire and as such she cannot be rehomed where there are any entire male or female dogs.

We will arrange for Connies spay at a vet of our choice and the cost of which will be covered by the charity.

Connie has Optimmune drops (on prescription) for dry eye, and this will need to be continued, she also needs to remain on her current diet (readily available) as she has a sensitive stomach.

The ideal home: 

As Connie is a calm girl, we feel a calm home would be best for her. She would happily sit and sleep for most of the day and she doesn’t need a high level of exercise.

As the quiet girl she is, we are happy for her to be rehomed with children that are old enough to let her have her space (and sleep time).

Other comments: 

Connie has been a dream in foster, she is a small bulldog who is gentle and cuddly, and it will be lovely to find her a loving home

She has been fine with all the dogs coming to the home for doggy day care apart from 2. She is now ok with those, but it has taken a few careful introductions, so her new family will need the space to separate is if there is another dog in the home just in case slow introductions are required.