Bear – Now Adopted!

Bear is Home

We are pleased to announce Bear has gone home!

Bear was collected by his new family Sarah and Sam. Bear has had a settled first night. He took no time at all exploring his new home and surroundings and is a very happy little boy. He is full of beans and already showing his playful side by thinking Sam is a climbing frame and he is only the size of a chihuahua.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and Sam on their gorgeous new addition Bear

We wish you a lifetime of endless fun and happiness together and look forward to sharing the next chapter of your life with you!

Be happy beautiful boy.

Thank you to Bear’s foster mum Jackie for preparing Bear for his forever home.

A little of Bear’s story below,

Bear has been described by his foster mum and a loveable gentle giant who loves company, isn’t into rough play but loves a squeaky toy.

He enjoys his twice daily walks but can react to small yappy dogs so his foster mum pops him back on a lead if there are small dogs around. Otherwise, he is happy off lead, although is perfecting a ‘Bulldog Deaf Ear’.

Bear does understand and responded well to simple commands, and he loves hugs and attention

Dogs name: Bear

Age:  1 Year 3 months

Can live with children:  Yes, dog savvy children

Can live with dogs:  Yes, a friendly, laid-back dog

Can live with cats:  NO

Current location:  Farnborough, Hampshire

Things to be aware of: 

Bear really doesn’t like cats and will chase one if he sees one.

Bear is very strong and will pull a lot when out walking as he loves to get near other dogs so he will need a firm hand and requires more training in this area.

The ideal home: 

Bear is a sociable boy and as such he needs to be included in family life. He is active so we are looking for a home where he will be taken out and about and not left at home for long periods.

Bear is a big lad so we feel children already used to dogs in the home would be better suited to him and obviously any young children would need to be supervised as he could easily knock them over.

Other comments: 

Bear can live with another friendly dog; he is already neutered so there is no restriction, but any resident dog will need to be relaxed sharing their home and humans. Obviously, any resident dog couldn’t be a small yappy type.

Bear is only young, and he has a lot of love to give his new family. He is an ok traveller but can be a bit restless so he can be rehomed up to 4 hours form his current location.