Cora – Now Adopted!

We have some wonderful news to give you Our beautiful little Cora is home.

Cora was picked up on Friday by her very excited new mum and dad, Raymond and Valerie who have instantly fallen in love with her.

Cora has settled in really well already and has well and truly made herself at home, it’s almost like she knows she is home and there will be no more moving for her.  

We would like to say a big thank you to Alexandra for preparing Cora for her forever home, we are truly grateful to you.

So, would you all please join me in congratulating Raymond and Valerie on their very special new girl Cora, we wish you all many happy years together.

To Cora, enjoy your happy ever after sweetheart. We all look forward to seeing the many adventures you and your fabulous new slaves get up to


Dogs name:



2years old

Current location:

Morpeth, Northumberland.



Yes, dog savvy


Possibly dog savvy cats


Yes, calm and laid back.



Cora is the epitome of a companion breed.

Happiest at her human’s side, she is loving and affectionate.

Cora is an old gentle soul, preferring the company of adults and bonds closely with her human.


Cora unfortunately was left home alone for a month, after her owner was taken into hospital. She can be anxious to start with, it will take her a moment to get used to a new environment.

She is a lover not a playful girl, but can mouth when excitable, she responds quickly when told no.

In typical bulldog fashion Cora doesn’t like the rain and can be frightened by unexpected noises especially when in the dark.


Cora needs a calm home environment, with someone home with her that will keep her involved with all that is daily family life.

A family that understands her and can carry on her training to help her reach her full potential.

Cora will benefit from a calm and laid back spayed/neutered dog in the home as a companion, it will help ease her anxiety.


Cora loves a walk and gets very excited when she sees her collar and coat.

Cora is learning to walk well to heal, she is excitable meeting unfamiliar dogs, and she can pull towards them and whine. With continued training and correct socialisation, she will continue to improve.

Toilet trained:

Cora may have an accident when anxious at being left alone.

But with training and support she continues to improve.

Can be left:

Cora struggles with separation anxiety, she can be left for an hour at a time currently but as she settles the time can be increased.

Cora needs to learn to trust her humans will come back for her.


Cora travels very well, because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from current location.

We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or crate when travelling.

Things to be aware of:

Cora doesn’t like small fluffy dogs.

Cora has some irritation issues with her eye, she is having saline drops 4x a day.

Cora will be spayed 19th Jan 2024, she will be able to go home once she has been cleared by the vet.

Any children in the home must be supervised, as Cora is a big girl and may knock smaller children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Cora is the best friend every human need, she is a wonderful young girl. With a little patience and continued training you will see her bloom into the most amazing bulldog, that anybody would be proud of.


A little or Cora’s story below,

Please welcome the Very cheeky Cora to our GBSR family.

Cora is a 3-year-old entire female.

What a weekend for rescue, Cora is our 3rd urgent case this weekend.

Cora’s owner is in ICU unlikely to recover, and poor Cora had been left home alone for about 5 days.

Luckily a lady working for another charity for people in hospital got in touch and we jumped straight into action.

As you can imagine she was a bit of a state after being left alone with no food or water for almost a week.

The home was in deplorable and dangerous condition, there was drug paraphernalia on the floor and near her bed, and her bed was soaked in wee.

But what a happy little girls Cora is, she was so excited to see someone and thankfully she isn’t in as poor condition as the house.

Cora’s eyes look ulcerated so she will be seeing our vet as quickly as possible.

Thank you to Rachelle for coming to Cora’s aid almost immediately and getting her home to safety.

Cora is a sweet little girl who is showing she has a cheeky little side to her and with a little TLC and elbow grease she will be ready to find her happily ever after in no time.

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Welcome to the start of your GBSR journey and the start of your Happily Ever After, we can’t wait to share it with you!!

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