Ethel – Now Adopted!


Ethel has found her family.

We are thrilled to announce that Ethel has gone home.

Hannah came and collected Ethel (see their 1st meet video in comments) to take her home to meet the children.

Zara & Max had no idea they were just about to meet their new BFF and they are totally smitten as are Hannah and husband Kyle.

Ethel has already started to settle, and she has been taken for walks and she will now be a regular at the school gates waiting for the children to come home.

We want to say huge thanks to Lyndsey for doing such a great job with Ethel who was her very 1st foster. Thank you so much, you have been fabulous.

And congratulations Hannah & Kyle, we know Ethel will be a fabulous addition to your family.

So, to Ethel, we are not surprised your new family have fallen for your beautiful charms, have the most wonderful life sweetheart and we are looking forward to seeing you flourish and grow with your new family.

Previous adoption statement.

Dogs name:



2 years old

Current location:

Thornaby, Teeside.



Yes, dog savvy children.




Yes, laid back and calm dogs.



Ethel is an incredibly charismatic lady. Her cheeky but loving nature shines and makes her a joy to be around.

Ethel has shown to be a well-rounded bulldog, affectionate towards her humans especially children.

Ethel will seek you out for attention and to play and will happily be your shadow.


Ethel is a laid-back sweet natured and very well-mannered girl.

She is very responsive to commands, and eager to please her humans.

She may on occasion jump up when seeking attention, but is quick to stop when told, and does like the occasional rough play she may get a little over exited but is quick to stop when told enough.

Ethel does enjoy a mad hour where she will seek you out to play.


Ethel needs an active family home, one in which she is kept involved with daily activities.

Ethel adores children and likes to be around her foster family’s grandchildren whenever she can.

Ethel would love a calm and playful companion to keep her company and take along on any family adventures.


Ethel isn’t a great fan of a walk, but once she gets going, she is good as gold.

Ethel walks well with other dogs and on her own and doesn’t show much interest in unfamiliar dogs whilst out.

Her recall still needs work.

Toilet trained:

Ethel is a very good girl.

Can be left:

Ethel will settle well in her bed and snooze while her humans are away. Ethel can be left up to 4 hours with plenty of water and a comfy bed.


Ethel travels very well, because of this we will accept applications of up to 4hours away from her current location. We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or crate when travelling.

Things to be aware of:

Ethel has a timid side and is frightened of a Hoover, plastic bag, sweeping brush, mop she will run away when they are out and cower in her bed.

With time and patience, she will learn that these things aren’t so scary.

Any young children in the home must be supervised, although Ethel is a gentle girl she can on occasion jump up in excitement and has the potential to knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Ethel is the ultimate companion; she truly is the best of the bulldog breed. This little girl will be an amazing addition to any family home. If you are looking for your forever friend than Ethel is the girl for you.

A little of Ethel’s story below,

Please welcome the lovely Ethel to our GBSR family.

Ethel is a 2-year-old entire female.

Ethel is the second little girl we were contacted about by another rescue asking for help. The girls who had been abandoned in a house when the owners moved abroad.

The poor girls were riddled with flees, dirty and just neglected, with absolutely nothing to call their own.

Ethel was collected by Trish and road trained to Lyndsey in the North East.

Thank you, ladies, for collecting Ethel and getting her started on her GBSR journey.

Ethel is a sweet shy little girl and with a little TLC and elbow grease she will be ready to find her happily ever after in no time.

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Here is the Wishlist link

Welcome to the start of your GBSR journey and the start of your Happily Ever After, we can’t wait to share it with you!!

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