Debs – In foster – North West

Please welcome the very lovely Debs to our GBSR family!!

We believe Debs to be 2-3years old and she is entire female.

Sadly, Debs is yet another poor soul that was found wandering the streets, thankfully found by a kind stranger who took her to Friends of Birkenhead Kennels who then contacted us.

Debs completed her 7day hold with nobody coming forward for her, so FOBK asked for us to take her, knowing we could get her into a foster home rather than her being stuck in a kennel for God knows how long.

Debs isn’t into poor a condition, a little on the grubby side and overweight. She will be seeing a vet in the next week and hopefully after a little tlc and time we can get her on her forever journey.

Huge thank you to Jessica-Lauren Simpson for coming to Debs aid so quickly, and welcome to your very first foster journey with us.

Debs is doing really well, settled in with Jessica-Lauren, her partner George and the very lovely Honey, who treated Debs to a lovely beach walk today. Debs is wasting no time wrapping FD around her paws and absolutely loves a cuddle.

Well Debs you will never know what loneliness feels like again now you have us, and we can’t wait for your journey to unfold.

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