Denzil – Now Adopted

Denzil is described by his foster family as a friendly, good natured boy who is affectionate and so eager to please his humans. Denzil just needs humans who will offer him continued tender loving care and we have no doubt he will continue to flourish and be your best pal.

Denzil walks well on a lead and harness and he does get excited when it’s walk time. At the moment due to Denzil’s poor body condition he just manages 10 to 15 minutes per walk. This is gradually building up as he becomes fitter. He does like his little toddle 2 to 3 times a day.

Denzil enjoys walking with his foster fur sister Teddy and he likes to take his lead from her. He shows no reaction to dogs out and about.

Denzil’s recall has not really been tested. He has been on a long training lead and sticks close by. He would need further assessment by his new family and training in regards to his recall. 

Denzil is eager to please his humans and he can sit and come. He does need further basic command training.

Denzil enjoys to play if the mood takes him. He loves tuggie ropes the best and loves to have a good game of tug of war with a human, he does tend to give up all his toys to any other dog as he’s not confrontational at all.

Denzil loves a bit of rough play with humans. He gets all excited and does zoomies and rolls around being silly!

Denzil doesn’t mind being showered and cleaned but isn’t a fan of being brushed! 

Dogs name: Denzil

Age:  2 years old, will be 3 in February

Spayed/ Neutered: Yes

Can live with children:  Yes

Age of children : 6 plus

Can live with dogs: Yes, needs a female laid back dog friend. NO MALES.

Can live with cats: Yes

Current location:  Bishop Auckland in the North East

How far can the dog travel from current location: 4 hours

Things to be aware of:  

Denzil was gifted to the charity due to not getting on with the other male dog in the home. Due to this we will not be homing Denzil with any male dogs but he needs a female companion to live his life with as he loves his foster sisters company.

Denzil was in poor body condition when he came into the charity. We are still building him up and he’s currently on 3 meals a day and 3 short walks to help with this.

Like all bulldogs Denzil will need firm rules and boundaries going forward and a family committed to his ongoing training. He will reward you with lots of love, loyalty and a companion for life.

Denzil isn’t a fan of loud noises and raised voices. These make him very nervous. 

The ideal home: 

Denzil has proved to be the most adorable chap. In the right forever family he will continue to learn and thrive. He will need a family that can offer time for additional training and offer firm rules and boundaries in the home. A family that preferably have some bulldog experience would be fantastic.

We feel Denzil would do best in a quieter home with a family who are around a lot of the days as he adores company and snuggles on demand!

We feel that Denzil should be homed with children 6 and over. We feel that by this age that the children can understand boundaries and will understand Denzil’s need for peace and quiet. They can also encourage play safely and help with training.

Denzil will need to be homed with a female laidback dog for company as he does love a snuggle with his foster fur sister Teddy.

Other comments:

Denzil has so much love to give his new forever family and once he builds trust in you he will be the most loyal companion. Denzil does sleep in a crate but is happy in a bed on the floor.

Denzil isn’t 100 percent toilet trained but he has made significant improvements in foster. With the right continued training Denzil should be trained in no time at all.  Denzil travels well, we will consider a new home for her up to 4 hours from her current location in Bishop Auckland, North East.

If you have any questions, please ask Paul Rackley foster dad to Denzil.

Denzil’s adoption fee is £450  and will need to be paid in full prior to going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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