Dexter – Now Adopted!

We have the most amazing news!!

Dexter has been reunited with his family

As you will remember, Dexter came back into foster after his family had struggled for months to get on top of his allergies. They spent hundreds of pounds as their vet prescribed various combinations medications and then decided all medications should stop.

Dexter was getting worse in front of their eyes and the final straw was when their vet advised to have their precious boy put to sleep. .. !!

Thankfully, Dexter’s family had been updating us as he declined and when we heard the vet had advised him to be PTS, we knew we had to get him back into foster with a vet that new how to deal with complex allergies.

Dexter was in a god-awful state when he came back into foster with Jo. He had ripped his skin open, where he had scratched himself constantly, with the relentless itching.

Again, and with the help of our vet, we have worked hard to get him well, so he can return to his furever family.

Now he looks amazing and feels a lot more comfortable !!

We would like to say a massive thank you to his amazing foster mum, Jo Platts, for all her dedication to Dexter’s care. Thank you so much, Jo, for loving Dexter and nursing him back to health.

Also, a huge thank you goes out to Vets4Pets in Washington, for all their love and care they showed Dexter.

Please join us in wishing Dexter and his family a huge welcome back home!!

Welcome back to your family, sweetheart. Enjoy all those kisses and cuddles. They have missed you so much, just like you have missed them!!

* Warning Graphic Content & Photos *
This is what happens when a vet is out of their depth, change meds and then advise you to put your dog to sleep….!!!!

Dexter has come back into foster this week because his poor adoptive family are at their wits end with nowhere left to turn.
You may remember he came into foster with a terrible skin condition. His case is a complex one, there were several issues with him, and his immune system was on the floor.

We worked hard to get him well and he was looking amazing ! When Alexsis and her family fostered Dexter, they fell in love with him, and we were thrilled when they asked to adopt him.

Fast forward and this Dexter today .

His Family have been beside themselves trying to help him, and have paid hundreds of pounds in bills but their vet has completely let him down and advised that was put to sleep…. !!

He isn’t even 2½ yet… and rather than deal with the problem, this was the recommendation…!!

So rescue back up for life means just that, and we have stepped in again and taken him back so he can receive treatment from our vets.
His family are devastated but you put your faith in your vet to help and they haven’t.

Poor Dexter was literally scratching himself to shreds and after discussions with us it was agreed that he needed to come back into foster near a vet that we trust.

Dexter is now in foster with Jo Platt in the North East. He has seen a vet who has started him on a course of treatment to get him back on track but it’s going to be a long journey…. There is no quick fix when a dog has been allowed to become so flat, his immune system is on the floor.

Dexter’s adoption announcement below,

We have the best news to bring you today, Dexter is staying with his foster family!

Dexter has been with Alexis and her family for a few months, and they have worked really hard with his separation anxiety and his skin issues, and their commitment has worked wonders for him!

This lovely boy is 100% part of their family, from listening to storytelling wearing his own jumper to enjoying walks with the family and keeping the children company – he is very dearly loved, and we are thrilled he has found his forever home with Alexis.

We can see how much Dexter means to you all and that makes us very happy!!

So happy Gotcha Day Dexter, we hope you have many years of fun and love ahead of you and congratulations to Alexis and her family.

A little of Dexter’s story below,

Please welcome Dexter to our GBSR family.

I am starting this post with a call for no judgment.

Dexter is a 2-year-old entire boy that is clearly suffering from neglect BUT in this instance, we are the safety net, this is what we do.

When people can’t cope, we step in and throw a lifeline, this is Dexter’s story.

Dexter was a very much-loved dog, his owner had him from a puppy but has known for some time that she cannot and has not been able to care for him. Her health has declined in the past 12 months as has Dexter’s condition.

The owner reached out to us to ask for help and there have been several very emotional phone calls between the owner and one of our admins before Wayne Bryne went to collect him at the weekend.

We knew by his owner’s admission that he wasn’t going to be in the best condition, but he is worse than we expected.

You can see he has several strange large growths, he has skin allergies, hair loss and scarring, overgrown nails and more worryingly there is blood in his urine he has all this and he is only 2 years old he is in a real mess, he is scared and we think he hasn’t experienced much of the big wide world.

BUT remember this is what we are here for, the neglect wasn’t intentional.

The whole situation is very very sad and we are so pleased his owner was strong enough to reach out with the intention of getting her beloved boy the care he needed, even if it meant breaking her heart.

She has also surrendered her little girl Bella and there will be a separate post about her.

It’s going to take time and veterinary care to sort this young boy out and will be seeing the vet later today. He is very itchy, and he is making himself bleed by scratching he needs to start treatment ASAP.

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