Dottie – In foster – South West

Please welcome the very adorable Dottie to our GBSR family.

Now I will start this post with a plea for absolutely no judgement. It’s very easy to make snap judgements, but they aren’t always deserved. We pride ourselves on being truthful had have no problem laying blame with those who deserve it.

#Dottie is a 2-year-old entire female,

We were contacted by a devastated owner; Dottie had developed cherry eye and she had been saving to pay for the surgery when Dottie then developed the second one, sadly she knew she couldn’t afford to fix them. Due to a change in her circumstances and a new baby, Dottie wasn’t getting the care she needed. And no matter how much she wanted to make things better she couldn’t. Dottie’s owner knew it was time to do the best thing for her beloved dog and ask for help.

Dottie is a typical young bulldog, full of excitement and with a bull in China shop enthusiasm she needed her to go to a home that can provide for her needs and bring her on to her full potential. How could we not help?

Welcome Amie-Anne and family to your very first foster journey with GBSR, huge thank you for making the mammoth journey to collect Dottie from Pembrokeshire to your home in the South West.

Dottie has settled in really well with Amie-Anne and her family, she’s already making sure FD knows she’s boss as she supervised him putting away the shopping. She loves having the children to play with and a FM to dote on her and is even enjoying the company of her foster fur sister Frenchie Ivy.

Dottie will be seeing our vets as soon as possible so we can treat the infection in her eyes and get her ready for her eye surgery and spay.
With just a little time, a good diet and the best TLC Dottie will be ready to start her Happily ever after journey.
But until then, welcome to arms of your GBSR family Dottie your new life starts here with your Springboard family we can wait to see your story unfold!!

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