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Upsetting post

Our team recently faced an unprecedented situation—one we never anticipated writing about. Unfortunately, such occurrences seem to be on the rise, pushing us to new lows each day.

Let me begin by stating the obvious: we are a rescue organization dedicated to helping unwanted, unloved, abandoned, and abused dogs. While some fortunate pups come from loving homes, our primary focus is on those who need us most.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: Eddie’s unexpected return to foster care.

Eddie, a dog with a mischievous yet affectionate nature, was recently adopted by his foster mum. She promised him the world, but within weeks, things took a surprising turn.

A little over a week ago, we received distressing news: Eddie had “bitten” someone, causing injury. Our administrative team immediately investigated, as sudden aggression doesn’t happen without reason. We advised Eddie’s mum on establishing boundaries and rules at home, as he had started asserting dominance—perching on windowsills, claiming furniture, and doing as he pleased.

In our pursuit of answers, we requested a vet appointment. Unfortunately, it was a bank holiday, so we expected a mid-week response. However, on a Sunday afternoon, our trustee Helen received a call from a vet. The shocking news? Someone had brought Eddie in to be euthanized.

The vet tried to dissuade Eddie’s mum, offering guidance and suggesting alternative solutions. But she remained resolute. Thankfully, the vet followed protocol and scanned Eddie, revealing his registration with GBSR Helen intervened, informing Eddie’s mum that euthanasia wasn’t the solution. Eddie deserved more from both her and our charity.

We are thanking our lucky stars that the vet refused to euthanise him as the adoptee wasn’t the owner on the chip! This is why our dogs stay microchipped to us and not anyone else. This is the only reason Eddie is alive today.

Abandoned and collarless, Eddie found himself in a difficult situation. Fortunately, Emma and Daniel Turnbull stepped in, cutting short their family outing to collect Eddie and provide temporary shelter while we figured out our next steps.

Emma observed Eddie closely, setting strict boundaries. Although he initially jumped and nipped, he soon learned that misbehaviour yielded no attention or affection. Yet, despite Emma’s efforts, her home—with young children eager to love the Eddie they’d met during a bulldog walk—wasn’t a suitable long-term solution.

And so, during this week, we continued our search for a foster home that can provide Eddie with the stability and understanding he needs.

Eddie spent a little time with a new foster Soraya, but he didn’t seem to settle in the environment. We felt he needed the company of another dog. The fabulous Adam & Sarah Bowery came to the rescue and collected Eddie on Sunday to join their crew of beautiful bulldogs, Honey, Yogi, and Bella.

Eddie is settling well, well apart from an exploding bed that we have been assured was by a dragon and not Eddie and Bella being naughty.

It’s a heart-breaking journey, but welcome home to your GBSR family, we remain committed to giving Eddie the chance he deserves.

Previous adoption statement below,

Dogs name:



4 years old.

Current location:

Thornaby, Teesside.



Yes, dog savvy children.




Yes, calm and laid-back dogs.



Eddie is quite the character, he is cheeky, playful and entertaining.

Eddie loves to play whether that be with you, toys or his food bowls.

He has such an affectionate nature, always ready for a cuddle and loves to make you smile.


Eddie is a typical Bulldog; he is very outgoing and stubborn at times.

He loves to throw his toys around and will actively seek attention whether for play or affection.

Eddie is a nosey boy and will run to the door to greet people, so it is best that there are gates in place to prevent him dashing out the door.


Eddie needs an active but calm family home, with a family who will keep him involved in all that is daily family life.

Eddie is every bit a companion so will need someone home with him for the majority of the day.

A garden is a must for Eddie to play in and enjoy the sunshine when it is warm.

Eddie will benefit from another dog in the home, to teach him the routine and keep him company when his humans are away.


Eddie loves his walks; he enjoys meeting people and other dogs and will initiate play.

Eddie is currently on reduced exercise due to recent BOAS surgery so his walks must be calm and controlled as he heals.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Eddie is a good boy, but may have the odd accident initially as he learns a new routine.

Can be left:

Eddie is a pretty laid-back boy and will settle himself down, he can be left for up to 4hours.


Eddie loves to travel; he settles very well on the backseat using a seatbelt restraint.

Because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location. We recommend using seatbelt restraint or travel crate whenever travelling with your dog.

Things to be aware of:

Eddie has recently had BOAS surgery; he is healing beautifully. We will guide his new family in how to care for him and manage his exercise.

Sometimes Eddie is excited to play but doesn’t realise his size, any young children in the home must be supervised, as he has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Eddie has the most incredible personality; he is so full of life that his antics will keep you entertained for many years to come. He has kept us all laughing from the moment he came into foster, and it has been a privilege to be apart of his journey and watch him thrive. He will be the most amazing addition to a very lucky family.

A little of Eddie’s story below,

Please welcome the lovely Eddie to our GBSR family!!

Eddie is a 4-year-old entire male that the saddest of surrenders.

Eddies owner has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and while the family have tried to care for Eddie and manage their mum’s illness something had to give.

We had been in contact with them for some time and finally able to help.

Eddie didn’t have the best start to life. But his family took him from that and have shown him the life he deserves.

We have promised his family that we will make sure he only ever knows love, and we will do everything possible to make him happy.

Unfortunately, Eddie got very stressed when leaving his family and didn’t settle great in his first foster home, around the resident female. So, we made the decision to move him.

A huge thank you to Sharon & Amanda in the North East for coming to Eddies aid and transporting Eddie to his new foster mum Lyndsey. Especially as you are both still poorly.

Eddie has joined Lyndsey in the North East and has settled very well. Thank you for coming forward for this beautiful boy.

Eddie is already showing he is going to be quite the character, so we look forward to all his updates.

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