Eddie – In foster – North East

Please welcome the lovely Eddie to our GBSR family!!

Eddie is a 4-year-old entire male that the saddest of surrenders.

Eddies owner has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and while the family have tried to care for Eddie and manage their mum’s illness something had to give.

We had been in contact with them for some time and finally able to help.

Eddie didn’t have the best start to life. But his family took him from that and have shown him the life he deserves.

We have promised his family that we will make sure he only ever knows love, and we will do everything possible to make him happy.

Unfortunately, Eddie got very stressed when leaving his family and didn’t settle great in his first foster home, around the resident female. So, we made the decision to move him.

A huge thank you to Sharon & Amanda in the North East for coming to Eddies aid and transporting Eddie to his new foster mum Lyndsey. Especially as you are both still poorly.

Eddie has joined Lyndsey in the North East and has settled very well. Thank you for coming forward for this beautiful boy.

Eddie is already showing he is going to be quite the character, so we look forward to all his updates.

Follow Eddie https://www.facebook.com/geordiebullies

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