Emmie – In foster – North East



You cannot tell us that no-one knew what was happening and for those of you that allowed this, you are 100% complicit in this girl’s misery & neglect so we hope you are proud of yourself…!!

Emmie’s story

Another day of discomfort and pain …. But what’s another day when this is your norm…..

You have Pneumonia and you have a dreadful rattle when you breathe.

The deep ulcer your eye was left untreated for so long, that vision in that eye is now severely affected.

You have 2 canine teeth that have snapped.

You are very underweight, malnourished, and starved.

You brandish deep scars and healed bite wounds.

You have a protruding cherry eye gland in your good eye, untreated.

Your skin has a raging Demodex infection.

You have a very tight screw tail that is infected.

You have a raging temperature.

But no Emmie, you are now a GBSR girl, and we promise you, this will NO LONGER BE YOUR NORM…!

Emmie was collected for us from Birkenhead Kennels yesterday. She was found wandering the streets, for how long, we don’t know. And after her 7 days were up, the kennels reached out to see if we could take her.

Are we surprised no-one came forward for this little girl that was bred from but who wasn’t even important enough to be microchipped ??? – no we are not..!!

We were time critical; we had lined up her foster, but she needed collecting from the kennel to start the first part of a road train to the Northeast ASAP.

We want to extend our huge thanks to Jessica-Lauren Simpson who responded to our call for help yesterday on our Facebook Page.

She dropped everything to collect Emmie and transport her across the country to meet Steve & Jo Platts, our volunteers who were carrying on the next leg of her journey.

Then by early yesterday evening, Emmie started the last part of her journey to her foster home with our Trustee Helen Seymour and hubby, Jason. You were all incredible and we have deep gratitude for you all.


Emmie is a very poorly girl.

She is very flat and on examination this morning, the vet found her to be in poor condition with enlarged Lymph glands, Pneumonia, and a raging temperature amongst all of her other ailments.

The vet is a little concerned that the enlarged Lymph Glands could be due to something a little more sinister, but we need to get her multiple infections under control before we can get her bloods tested.

Can we all stop for a moment and just imagine how this girl is feeling…. her whole world was taken away when she was discarded and pitched out onto the street.

It was the only world she had known and now she is in a strange place with new people, and she is very sick.

This little love has started treatments today, she is only 14 kilos, and she has also started a high value nutritious diet.

She is terrified of everything in the home, and she won’t let Helen out of her sight.

The vet believes her to be 3 / 4 years old.

Never again will this tiny little girl feel fear, hunger or pain now she is in the loving arms of our GBSR family.

Just a little TLC and time and we will have this beautiful sweet natured girl ready to start her forever journey.

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