Franklin – Now adopted

Franklin is a happy boy who really enjoys love and cuddles from all the members of his foster family. He is playful and will chase footballs as they are his favourite toy but not quite as favourite as his teddy bear which he loves to suckle on. And he is nosey, he loves looking at the world go by out of the window.

Franklin will pull on the lead if he sees another dog and cry to get to them as fast as possible. He is strong so his new family will need to start lead training him which will help a lot. He isn’t aggressive with other dogs, he just gets very excited and wants to play with his friends

Dogs name:  Franklin

Age:  14 Months

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Leicester, Leicestershire

Things to be aware of: 

Franklin will need to be neutered at 18 months old. We will organise this with his new family, with a vet of our choice, the cost of which will be covered by the charity.

The ideal home: 

Franklin loves being around the children in his foster home and is a gentle boy so he will fit very well into a loving family home where he is part of the family.

Other comments: 

Franklin is a smashing little boy who will make a lovely addition to any family. We advise that he has lead training and he is happy to use a crate with the door open

He travels well, so we are happy to consider the perfect home up to 4 hours from his current location.

Franklin’s adoption donation fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to him going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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