Franklin – Now Adopted!

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that our gorgeous Franky is now very much home!!

Franky was collected yesterday by his new parents, Stacie and Jamie.

Franky is being the little star we knew he was and Stacey and Jamie have instantly fallen for him!

He has them completely wrapped around his little paws already.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Emma and her Family for taking this little boy in when he was an absolute shell of a dog.

You have all nursed him back to health, showed him what love and family are and he has gone home a completely different boy to when he first came into foster.

We will all be forever grateful to all you have done for him.

So will you all please join me in congratulating Stacie, Jamie and of course the gorgeous boy Franky. We wish you all many happy years to come.

To Franky, enjoy your very happy after sweetheart. We are all looking forward to seeing your pupdates!

Dogs name:

Franklin aka Franky


approx. 1 year

Current location:

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland.



Yes, dog savvy children.




Yes, calm and laid-back female dogs.




Franky is so full of love for his humans, he will spend his days at your side, he will never let you feel lonely for a moment.

Franky is everything you could possibly look for in a companion.

He is cheeky, and playful he will keep you entertained.

Franky adores children and loves to snuggle in beside them.


Franky is a typical pushy young male, but he is quick to learn and extremely responsive to commands, when his deaf ear is switched off.

Franky is playful he loves all toys; he is getting there with fetch and is partial to de-fluffing stuffed animals. Franky will pinch all toys for himself, even out of the mouths of others.

Franky has learned to initiate play but can get carried away with himself. He still has to learn about boundaries.


Franky needs a calm but active family environment, preferably with someone home for him the majority of the day and can keep him involved in all that is family life.

He needs a family that are prepared to put in the time he deserves with training and helping him continue to heal.

A garden is a must for this boy, he loves to zoomie around the garden and back into the house.

Franky may benefit from a calm and laid-back dog in the home, one that would tolerate him keeping toys, and pushy behaviours.


Franky is learning to enjoy his walks; he may start off nervous but soon picks up confidence. He will stay at your side and wont venture far from you.

He interacts well with unfamiliar dogs and walks well with the resident dog in foster.

Toilet trained:

Franky is a good boy; he may have accidents initially but as soon as he understands your routine and what you are asking of him, he will be fine.

Can be left:

Franky settles well in a crate, it is very much his safe space, so he would preferably have one in his new home.

Franky can be left for no longer than 4 hours at a time.


Franky is a good traveller; he will settle quickly on the backseat. Because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location. We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or boot crate when travelling.

Things to be aware of:

Franky has thrived in foster care, to where we feel he is ready to find his forever home. Franky skin is healing well but he will need continued treatment of Bravetco worming and flee treatment 3monthly and every 3 days Malesab baths, short term.

Franky will be neutered at around 18months old June 2024, and as such he will be going home on a “to be neutered” contract, Franky has a hernia which will be fixed at this time. This will be undertaken at a vet of our choice with costs covered by the charity.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Any resident female dog in the home must be spayed. Franky will not be rehomed with any entire dogs.

Additional information:

Franky is an incredibly special little boy, he has found a love of life since coming into our care, everyday we have watched him bloom into the playful and affectionate boy he is today. If you are looking for someone to keep you entertained and be your partner through life, then Franky is your boy. Any family lucky enough to adopt him will be truly blessed.


A little of Franky’s story below,

Please welcome Franklin into the arms of Geordie Bullies and boy does this young lad need us.

Franklin (now known as Franky) is a 1-year-old boy… he didn’t ask to be born, he didn’t ask to be neglected BUT THIS HAS BEEN HIS LIFE…!!! LITERALLY HIS WHOLE LIFE, THIS IS ALL HE HAS EVER KNOWN.

We don’t have many dogs come into foster that will touch the hearts of grown men with a pure ‘stab of sorrow to the heart’ but today we have 2 road train volunteers that have been left speechless by the condition of Franky.

We were contacted by Franky’s owners to ask if we could take him.

We asked for information as we always do, and from the photos provided, we could see the care he immediately needed so we arranged to bring him in.

The people that contacted us had had Franky for 5 months after “rescuing” him from neglect but when Franky was collected today, he was in a far worse state than we were led to believe, practically hairless with Demodex Mange, double ear infection, hernia and extremely underweight with overgrown nails….

The road trainers have been left heartbroken by what they have seen and when Franky reached his foster home with Emma Turnbull, she could barely hold back the tears and her anger about a boy that had been neglected beyond our expectations.

This boy’s skin is literally splitting and bleeding because he has been without treatment for so long

Emma and Dan have bathed Franky tonight, we don’t usually bath a dog so soon after coming in, but his skin really needed a good wash and soothing.

We will be getting an emergency Vet appointment for Franky early next week; he needs urgent care and we have started him on a nutrient rich diet which ties in with his allergies.

If you would like to contribute to this young boy’s care, please do using the ref Franky and the DONATE button at the top of this Page … he won’t be going to his new family until he has started to heal so he will be in foster for as long as it takes.

We would like to thank Gary Collier and David Holding for road training Franky to Emma, we know it wasn’t easy to see a dog in such a neglected state, but sadly this is all part of dog rescue.

Franky is very anxious and on alert right now so the Anxiety Bed, David has kindly donated with hopefully help ease Franky’s stress and will help ease his pain.

Please remember that Franky is a 1 year old boy and still has a journey until he can finally be home with a family that want to love and heal him… but with your help, he has started this journey.

Please follow Franky on our Facebook Group but please don’t apply for him yet as he has a journey to make before he is ready for adoption.

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