Harvey – Now Adopted!

Harvey is 7 and entire, he’s a lovely boy with an amazing temperament . Harvey has some health issues when we received him last night and has been to see out vet this morning.

Harvey has extremely sore eyes that are infected and ulcerative. His ears are inflamed and swollen and we can’t see down the ear canal , his tail is extremely tight and it’s bleeding and weeping under there , he’s very, very overweight and is a whopping 37kg¬†which isn’t helping his tail or his joints.

Our vets have said his treatment is going to be expensive for his eyes and will take months to heal as they have been left so long. He’s currently in foster with Claire Anderson Thompson where he’s being pampered and enjoying all the fuss and attention. He has steroids, drops, wipes etc from the vets and is going back in a week hopefully to be able to see the extent of his ailments when the swelling has reduced everywhere.

Welcome to GB Harvey your Springboard journey starts here